Thursday, August 26, 2010

Bobblehead of the Day: Luc Robitaille

Not all of my bobbleheads are Dodgers, or even baseball players for that matter. I've got a lot of non-Dodger nodders in the collection as well. Back in April, as the Lakers were about to start their championship run against the Oklahoma City Thunder, I posted my Chick Hearn bobblehead. On Wednesday, the Kings announced their national TV schedule, so it got me thinking about my ONE Kings bobblehead, former Los Angeles Kings Left Winger, Luc Robitaille.

Currently the Kings President of Business Operations, Robitaille played in Los Angeles  in three different stints, first from 1986 to 1994 then from 1997 to 2001 and finally from 2003 to 2006. He is the Kings all-time leader in goals scored with 557. He also ranks second all-time in games played(1,077), second in points(1,154) and fourth in assists(597). Luc is also the highest scoring Left Winger in NHL history with 1,394 points. He was inducted into the Hockey Hall of Fame on Nov. 9, 2009. You can check out his Wiki here.

On December 5, 2009, the Kings honored Luc Robitaille for his induction into the Hall of Fame before the  game during an on-ice ceremony and throughout the game. The Kings also honored Robitaille with a special Hockey Hall of Fame bobblehead. Presented by San Manuel Indian Bingo & Casino, this bobblehead was  made by Globe Promotions and was given away to all fans in attendance. It was also the first time the Kings had ever given away a bobblehead. It has a removable hockey stick and features Robitaille in the old school purple and gold uniform he wore as a rookie. It also has the Hockey Hall of Fame seal on the stand.

Let's take a look:

Purple and Gold uni

Number 20

Removable stick

Hall of Fame seal

It's my only hockey bobblehead, but not my last. I am searching for a Wayne Gretzky to add to the collection. Luc is one of my favorite hockey players of all time. I also have his autograph and hundreds of his hockey cards, but I'll post those at another time.


  1. Awesome, I wish the Ducks did bobbleheads.

  2. Great detailed post! I'm not a hockey man, but I like the blogpost. Have you ever done a post about the origins of sga bobbleheads? When did that start? Where? MLB? NBA? NFL?

    Keep on blogging!

  3. Dutch - No, I haven't done a post on the origins, but I might.

    It was Danny Goodman, Dodger executive who started the SGA bobblehead. You can ream about my 1974 Danny Goodman bobblehead here.

  4. Greg - Looks like there was a Teemu, Hebert and Kariya given away in 2001.Those might be nice to have in the collection.

    Checking on eBay, it looks like there were a few Ducks SGA bobbleheads throughout the years.

  5. Damn, they all came out when I was too young to know about them.

    I don't eve have the slightest recollection of those even existing haha.

    Thanks for the info.

  6. I ain't gonna kill him. He was deservedly great.... I guess. I hated that cat when he played here for the Rangers. LOL. But it really is a sweet looking BBH. Tonight was Ron Darling BBH at Cyclones game. Their magic number is now 2 clinch division title. gettin my playoff tix tomoro! Go Baby Bums.

  7. BTB - Yeah Luc was grat.

    Can't wait to see the Ron Darling.

    Go Cyclones!

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