Sunday, August 29, 2010


Former Dodger farmhand, Josh Bell, now with the Baltimore Orioles, hit an opposite-field homerun in last night's Angels/Orioles game. His third on the year. The kid is strong, that's for sure. Can the Dodgers send George Sherrill back to Baltimore? Steve Melewski at MASN's On the Orioles takes a look at Bell, and likes what he sees in the short time he's been with Baltimore. Although he does feel Josh is a work in progress, and could be back in AAA next year to work on a few things.

Still ,after seeing Bell hit that homerun last night, I couldn't help but get upset that he's in an Orioles uniform, and not playing in AAA Albuquerque, awaiting a Dodger call-up.

I hate Ned Colletti.

Click image below to see the homerun.

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