Tuesday, September 28, 2010

Around The Blogosphere

A couple of blog posts that caught my eye today:

Any fans of  HBO's 'Eastbound & Down'? How about a talking Kenny Powers bobblehead to put on your shelf?  Tom Hoffarth of the LA Daily News gives us a first look at a couple of Kenny Powers bobbleheads produced by a company called Bif Bang Pow! that are coming out  just in time for the holidays.

From Big League Stew, Preston Mattingly, son of soon-to-be Dodger manager Don Mattingly, has been shipped off to Cleveland. After spending almost five seasons in the Dodgers minor league system, I think it's safe to say, the former 1st round draft pick is a bust.

From the Associated Press:

Preston Mattingly, the Dodgers' No. 1 draft pick in 2006, batted .218 with two homers and 17 RBIs at the Class-A level this season. He struck out 51 times in 165 at-bats.
The 23-year-old Mattingly bats and throws right-handed. His best season as a pro came in 2006, when he hit .290 with a home run and 29 RBIs for the Dodgers' rookie-level team in the Gulf Coast League.
What a huge waste of a first round draft pick.

Anyone interested in some vintage cards? Ernest at Blue Heaven is selling off some of his collection. You'll see everything from T5 cabinets, 19th Century Baseball trade cards, 100+ year old vintage cards, boxing and much much more. Check it out.

Another great piece of work from Mike at the LFP.com.This custom card has been making the rounds in the Dodger blogosphere. It cracks me up everytime I see it.

One last thing, I wanted to introduce you to one of my favorite new blogs, Ramblings of a Dutch Dodger. I met Dutch Dodger on Facebook. He's a huge Dodger fan living in Holland. Yes, there are Dodger fans all over the world, even in Holland. He even has a nice bobblehead collection.  It's a great blog. Check it out.


  1. The thing about Mattingly is that it's not even that he's still in the minors, but he's never advanced past advanced A-ball.

    If his last name were Smith, he'd more than likely be out of baseball by now.

    And that Powers bobble is sick haha.

  2. Agreed on Preston.

    I'm getting that Powers bobble.

  3. Haha I await the post on that bobble.

    And I need to watch the whole first season still.

  4. I love the powers bobblehead. I have it and now want the bobblehead of him in all black.

  5. Greg - same here. I need to see season one.

    Anon - The one in all black is cool too.

  6. The strikeout card is hilarious. This bad season has provided so much material for all this.