Monday, October 18, 2010

2011 Dodger Bobblehead Dates

Thanks to Roberto over at Vin Scully Is My Homeboy, we get our first look at the 2011 promotional schedule. All the usual suspects are there, fleece blankets, beach towels, cooler bag, and bobbleheads, six bobbleheads to be exact. Some other promotions listed are a Father's Day BBQ Apron, and Specialty Dodger caps.

Here are the dates of the bobblehead giveaways:

May 17
June 1
June 14
July 7
July 26
August 9

Back in early September the Dodgers put up a poll on their website. They wanted to know which giveaway items you would come to a game for. A BBQ apron, floppy hat and mini bobblehead were some of the choices. The apron and specialty caps are on the list. I wonder if any of the six bobbleheads are "mini" bobbleheads.

I don't mind the mini bobbleheads, I love all bobbles, but I hope the six they give away are the larger versions we get every year. I guess we'll just have to wait and see.


  1. Odd they grouped them so close together.

  2. Yeah I wonder if any of the bobbleheads will be mini's too with the count now at 6 for next season. I also hope the quality of the bobbleheads does not drop off with the increased number. The last one they gave away this year the Kemp jumping against the wall was nice but the quality of it could have been a little nicer.

  3. Greg - Very strange. Which makes me think that some are minis.

    Bruce - All the bobbleheads they gave away last year had flaws. The Broxton was the worst. I think they all had the brown paint on the hat. Hopefully the 2011's crop will be better.

  4. If there are two minis, my guess would be June 1st and July 7th.

  5. yeah, just as fill-in between the regular bobbles.

  6. The Orioles gave away three mini bobbleheads last year. They're pretty cool looking.

  7. Yeah, not bad. Thankfully the Dodgers put out good bobbles.

  8. The Thing I did not like about the Kemp was the paint qulity. The Dodgers Logo and his number on his uniform were badly faded and his name on the base is all messed up too. I still think the Fernando from 2006 was the best one. Nomar and Manny's were pretty nice too

  9. Even though he is a SF Giant I still think the Lincecum holding the two CY Young awards which they gave away this season is really nice. One of the nicest out there. I would love to have one. Waiting for the price to drop on Ebay.

  10. Bruce - Another nice Giants bobblehead was the Willie Mays "The Catch" they gave away earlier this year.