Sunday, November 28, 2010

2002 Topps Super Teams Johnny Podres Brooklyn Dodgers autograph

Here's another autograph card from the PC. This is a 2002 Topps Super Teams '55 Johnny Podres Brooklyn Dodgers autograph.

This card is really classy looking. I love the blue sharpie signature on the black & white card. That, plus the blue bordering really gives it an old school Dodger feel.

In 1955, the Dodgers won their first and only World Series in Brooklyn. For the first time in World Series history, an MVP was selected. Johnny Podres, who won games 3 and 7, was that first WS MVP. He went 2–0, with two complete games and an ERA of 1.00. He pitched a shutout in game 7. He was honored as the Sportsman of the Year in 1955 by Sports Illustrated magazine.

In his 15-season career, Podres had 148-116 record with 1435 strikeouts, a 3.68 ERA, and 24 shutouts in 440 games.

This is my only Podres autograph card. I would love to have one of him in a Los Angeles Dodgers uniform.


  1. This card design is all about those pinstripes and the perfect auto placement on those stripes. Cool card for your PC!!!

  2. Thanks you guys.

    Charles - agreed. Great design.

  3. Nice card! Padres is on of my favorites!

  4. Evan - Where you been? Thanks, I love Podres too.

  5. Sweet pickup! Nice that it's an on-card auto, too.

  6. DUstin - Thanks. I love that it's on card too. Do you collect cards at all?

  7. DB - I used to. A lot. In fact, far too much. I was mostly a football card guy. However, I have some baseball, including a bunch of Mike Piazza cards when collecting cards was the best (mid 1990s).

    I'll scan 'em sometime (when I can get my scanner working) and post 'em on my blog (at least, some of the good ones).

  8. Dustin - Looking forward to seeing those.

    Are NO - What's up? Thanks!