Sunday, January 2, 2011

1999 Fleer Ultra Fresh Ink Adrian Beltre Auto

It was being reported earlier today by the Domincan website,, that free agent third baseman Adrian Beltre had signed a six-year, $96 million deal with the Texas Rangers. In the last few hours, that rumors been shot down. It's hard to take any report out of the Dominican Republic seriously.

Yes, Beltre is the best available free agent bat right now, but that's way too much money and too many years for a 32 year-old. As much I like Beltre, the five years, $85 million+ his agent Scott Boras is looking for is ridiculous.

Wherever Beltre ends up, I wish him the best. Today, I wanna show my Adian Beltre auto. This is a 1999 Fleer Ultra Fresh Ink Adrian Beltre Auto #'d 309/900. This was a recent ebay pick up. It was in the mailbox on the same day I got Jim Gott's and Steve Yeager's autographs.

So, where does Adrian Beltre end up? Will he get the money his agent is looking for?


  1. Nice card. The Red throws me off so much because Beltre was a Dodger... not much red. It'd look pretty nice as a Red Sox' or Cardinals' player I bet.

    It seems like Beltre will end up in the AL West. Of the three teams, he'd be smart to go to the Rangers. It'd help his numbers and help the team to remain competitive. They still need another SP to try to replace Cliff Lee, though.

  2. Dustin - I agree on the red. It would look amazing with a blue background.

    I agree, he would be smart to go to Texas. I don't think the Angels are out of the running yet. I think Arte Moreno needs to make some kind of splash.

    Greg - Thanks!

    Are No - Thanks for mentioning that. I forgot to mention, it's hand numbered.

  3. I hope that rumor isn't true. At least not that kind of money. And I hate...(I know I shouldn't hate anyone)strongly dislike Scott Boras.

  4. Play at the Plate - It starting to look like the deal with Texas is gonna happen. It looks like a sixth year or an option for 2016 is holding this up though.

    Boras is the devil. I think it's ok to hate the devil. Dodgers' GM Ned Colletti seems to have stopped dealing with him.

  5. I loved watching Beltre play as a Dodger, but I think it's more than a coincidence that his big years seem to happen when his contract is almost up. Any team would be foolish to offer him any more than 3 years.

  6. JoeMorgan - I agree. I honestly would love to have had him back in Dodger blue, but he's asking for way too much. Looks like he's gonna be in Texas for the next five seasons.