Friday, January 14, 2011

Hong-Chih Kuo Get's A Bobblehead in 2011

Today, the Dodgers announced who would get one of the two remaining mystery bobbleheads in 2011. So, who is it? The Dodgers have decided to go with Hong-Chih Kuo. Back in October, when I made my 2011 bobblehead predictions, I named Kuo as one of my bobble picks.

I think this is the right move. Kuo had an amzing 2010 season, and deserves  to be honored with a bobblehead. 

So, who will get that last bobblehead on August 9? I'm gonna say Chad Billingsley or they may honor someone else from the 1981 World Series team. 


  1. That is a nice bobble head line-up. However for the 2nd year in a row they are doing a repeat. First Kemp had one in 2009 and again last season and now Either had one last season and now again in 2011. I wonder why they do this. I know it was for Kemps Gold Glove. But I wonder why they are repeating Ethier again this season.

    Also a 3rd Fernando.I know its the 30th anniversary and all. How about a Bill Russell and Davey Lopes to make a complete set of the record setting infield. I just find their choices intersting with all the repeats.

  2. Bruce - Agreed. Now that you mention it, since Davey Lopes is back in Dodger blue, maybe he gets that last bobble.

  3. I really wish Vin Scully would change his mind and let the Dodgers make a bobblehead. Then I wouild have one to go along with the Chick Hearn one I have. Then all we would need is a Bob Miller Bobblehead.

  4. Wow, pretty cool that you know the bobblehead lineup already. I don't think the O's have announced any giveaways yet!