Friday, February 18, 2011

Bobblehead News

Some bobblehead news and notes:

Twins to give away Hrbek/Gant bobblehead. This might be the coolest idea for a bobblehead ever (unless you're a Braves fan). The Minnesota Twins will be giving away a bobblehead remembering Kent Hrbek lifting Ron Gant off first base during Game 2 of the 1991 World Series. For those that don't remember what happened:
Atlanta's Ron Gant ripped a single in the third and after rounding first retreated back to the bag. Pitcher Kevin Tapani threw the ball to first where Gant had appeared to make it in plenty of time. That was until Hrbek, under the guise of attempting to apply a tag, lifted Gant off the base. Umpire Drew Coble called him out. The Twins would end up winning by one (3-2, to take a 2-0 series lead).
The 2011 season marks the 20th anniversary of the 1991 World Series Champion Twins. The giveaway date for this bobblehead hasn't been announced yet.

Oakland A's to give away Rickey Henderson bobblehead. Last month I mentioned the A's were going to give away MC Hammer bobbleheads. Well the A's have put out their full promotional list, and another bobblehead they'll be giving away is Rickey Henderson on Saturday, April 30th. Rickey is one of my all-time favorite players, so I might make the trip to Oakland to pick this one up.

Diamondbacks to give away Kirk Gibson bobblehead. OK, so he's in a DBacks uniform, but it's still Gibby. This one will be given away on Saturday, August 6. Guess who the Diamondbacks will be playing that night. The Dodgers. No picture on this one yet.

Carmelo Anthony Bobblehead Conversion Kit. Kenny Be of Denver Westword shows Nuggets fans what they can do with their Carmello Anthony bobbleheads once he's traded. Funny stuff.


  1. Where do you get all those wonderful toys? :) Cool stuff. And nice way to honor the heroes from the 'olden' days.

  2. Cool stuff. I always like bobblehead updates!

  3. Dutch, Ryan - Thanks. All the MLB teams either have their promo schedules out or are starting to put them out. It's nice to see the different bobbles they give away.

    The Twins seem to have some good ones.

  4. Henderson telling the crowd, "I am the greatest of all-time." Classic.

  5. They are both sweet! I dig that Henderson Bobble. By the way...the BKN Cyclones have announced a bobble for Angel Pagan this season.

  6. Evan - I is classic. Loved Rickey! He'll always be an A's player in my mind too. It was stranhge seeing him in a Dodgers uniform and all those other uniforms.

    BTB - Angel Pagan huh? I am coming out to NY. I'll be in Brooklyn too. I will try to go to a bobblehead night if I can. Doesn't look like the Mets or Yanks are giving any away. Pagan wouldn't be bad. Is he in a Mets or Cyclones uni?

  7. I want that Henderson. I smell a Yankee custom...or an attempt at one, lol.