Thursday, February 17, 2011

Dodger Bloggers Take Part In Community Caravan

On Tuesday, I took part in the last stop of the Dodgers Community Caravan in Northridge, where the team dedicated the newest Dream Field. Other Dodger bloggers took part in the Caravan as well.

Roberto at Vin Scully Is My Homeboy made a couple stops on the caravan. He was part of the Santa Monica Beach cleanup and the Los Angeles River cleanup.

Emma at Crzblue's Dodger Blog also took part in the LA River cleanup.

Linda from LEAVes of Dodger Blue made that LA River stop as well.

Sons of Steve Garvey got a guest post from reader  "Beast Mode", who took part in the Santa Monica Beach Heal the Bay cleanup.

Finally, from, here's some video from the Caravan.


  1. Man, it's so great to be able to visits stuff like that. For me it's a whole other world. Good to have reporters from LA! :)

  2. Thanks Dodgerbobble! It was great participating at both Clean the River and Heal the Bay at Santa Monica!

  3. Dutch - When you make a trip to LA, you'll be able to do all of this. The season starts soon.

    Emma - No problem. Loved your post. You guys did some great work.

  4. Awesome job. It's great to see great baseball fans pitching in and helping their community.

  5. It really is. The Dodgers talked about having some kind of FanFest next year. Helping the community is great, but they need to give back to the fans too.

  6. I was at the heal the bay event. It was a lot of fun. In fact, I think I'm going to upload my pictures right now.