Friday, February 4, 2011

Dodgers Going Old School For Six Games In 2011

The Dodgers announced today that they would be wearing Brooklyn throwback uniforms for six games this season. The Dodgers are giving fans the opportunity to choose which throwback unis the team will wear. Fans are invited to vote online for which uniform the players will wear beginning Monday, February 7 through Thursday, Feb. 17, at

The uniforms will be worn for six mid-week day games.Those games will feature half-price food and drink for the first time ever at Dodger Stadium. Here are the dates of those games:

Thursday, April 21 vs. Atlanta
Wednesday, May 4 vs. Chicago Cubs
Wednesday, June 15 vs. Cincinnati
Wednesday, June 22 vs. Detroit
Wednesday, August 10 vs. Philadelphia
Wednesday, August 31 vs. San Diego

These are the three uniforms to choose from:

The first of the three uniform options was worn by the Dodgers exactly 100 years ago. The 1911 road uniform features fine narrow pinstripes and the BROOKLYN name displayed vertically in small capital letters down the button panel. Known as the "Superbas," the Brooklyn team wearing this uniform played its second-to-last season in 1911 at Washington Park.

The second option is the 1931 road uniform, which was the only variety of the 1930s uniform designs to sport a block capital "B" on the front of the jersey.

The third option is the 1940s "Satin" road uniform, which is blue and features the trim and DODGERS script in white. With the advent of night baseball at Ebbets Field in the 1940s, the original uniform used a highly reflective satin fabric to be more visible under the lights.
The winning uniform will be announced on Feb. 25, the day before individual tickets go on sale to the public.
The last time the Dodgers wore a throwback uniform was June 23, 2007 in Tampa Bay as part of a "Turn Back the Clock Night" honoring former Dodger player and Rays coach Don Zimmer. That night, the Dodgers wore replica 1955 Brooklyn road uniforms. The Rays also gave away Don Zimmer "Now and Then" Bobbleheads that night. It was a dual Zim nodder, with him wearing both a Rays uni and a Brooklyn Dodgers uni.

I love this idea. I think it's something the team should have done a long time ago. It also gives Frank McCourt a chance to sell more merchandise. Hell, I might even pick up one of these jerseys.


  1. Did I read that correctly - the Dodgers are having half priced food nights INCLUDING alcohol??? Amazing.

  2. I vote for the 1911 uniforms. Who came up with this idea?..surely not McCourt. It's brilliant! Fat chance they'd half price things on a Saturday huh? I laugh when they pick the worst days of the week to throw the fans a bone. I would love to see them were those uniforms here for a game. I'm sure many people here would like to see it. But we'd screw everything up by wearing our black-combo softball uniforms and ruin the whole atmosphere.
    : o

  3. Ben - I know, that might be the most shocking part of the whole promotion!

    BTB - I like the 1911 version the best. I highly doubt McCourt came up with this idea. Regardless, I'm glad they're doibg this. The Dodgers have a history in Brooklyn and it's nice to see them honoring that history.

    Promotions like this are always done on the least attended days, it's true. They do the bobblehead nights on Tuesdays and Wednesdays. They've got to get people to the park somehow.

  4. I'll vote for the 1911 uniform. It doesn't look like a KC Royals road uni like the 1940 satin ones and it has the correct shade of blue.

  5. Evan - I agree. Every Dodger fan I've asked said they like the 1911 version the best.

  6. I actually like the 1931 Road uni the best.

    Love the Zimmer bobble.