Sunday, March 13, 2011

More Winnings From All About Cards Contest

Earlier this week, I posted all the hits I pulled from the first four boxes I won in the All About Cards contest. Today I'm gonna show the rest of the box breaks.

The fifth box I opened was the 2010-2011 Upper Deck Artifacts hockey. I got four hits in this box. The first was Thomas Vanek Frozen Arifacts Dual swatch 4/50. Next was Panthers Triple Swatch of David Booth, Michael Frolik and Thomas Vokoun 18/75. The third hit in the box was Steven Stamkos Dual Swatch 76/150. The last hit was a JP Dumont Autograph.

The sixth box I opened was the 2009 Bowman  Football box. Unfortunately, I got no hits in this one.

The seventh box I opened was the 2010-2011 Panini Limited Hockey. I was promised 8 cards in this box. I only got seven though. I got two jersey cards, Kyle Okposo 51/199 and Patrick Roy 4/10. Roy is one of my all-time favorites, so I was happy to pull this. The autograph was LA Kings Defenseman Jake Muzzin 34/299.

The last box I opened was 2010 Panini Limited Football. I was promised 8 cards in this box and I did get eight. I was guarenteed 3 hits. The first was Dexter McCluster Jersey 1/100. Next was a Knowshon Moreno Jersey 61/100. The third hit was an Eric Berry Auto Jersey 1/5.

Check out the last two breaks:

Once again, thanks to All About Cards.I really appreciate everything. If anyone is interested in any of these cards, contact me.


  1. That Patrick Roy is awesome, sweet color break. Congrats on that one.

    Willing to part with the Thomas Vanek jersey?

  2. Arno - Thanks! I think so. I offered it up to someone. I'm waiting to hear back. I'll let you know.

  3. Sick breaks Josh!

    Let me know if you like anything from my photobucket:

    I'm interested in the Eric Berry & McCluster. Let me know if i have anything for them. I have a bunch of Lakers GU/Autos for trade in my basketball section.

  4. If that Stamkos is available, I'd be interested.

  5. Oh, and that Dumont Auto is a prime example of what's wrong with sticker autos.

  6. Jesse - I checked out your photobucket. That's a very impressive collection. I see a few cards I like. I didn't see any autos though. I think we can work something out. Maybe we can meet up at the next Dodger appearance.

    Greg - It's yours. We'll work something out.

    You're right about the sticker auto.

  7. Sweet, gracias. I don't even mind stickers if, you know, they get the whole autograph on 'em haha.

  8. Nice break Josh. I have to check the earlier posts to see your other pulls.

  9. YanksJetsFan - Let me know if there's anything you want.