Thursday, April 14, 2011

LAPD Releases New Sketches Of Suspects In Bryan Stowe Case

The LAPD released updated sketches of the two suspects wanted in the beating of Giants fan Bryan Stowe. One of the suspects has a distinctive mole on his left cheek, and his goatee was changed a bit. Check out's piece on the suspects and the security changes at Dodger Stadium.

If you haven't seen the the ceremony dedicated to Bryan Stowe from the first game of the Giants/Dodgers series in San Francisco, here it is:


  1. Go dodgers and down with the giants.

  2. Nice comment! This is about a ruthless attack that might rob kids of their father. Over what? A Baseball game?

    I have played and coached this game most of my life. I hope to God that these idiots are caught and put away. There is NO room in life for these thugs.

  3. Hopefully the new security measures will eliminate all the .problems

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