Sunday, May 22, 2011

Suspect In Bryan Stow Beating Caught

Word is coming in that one of the two men suspected of beating Giants fan Bryan Stow has been taken into custody.


A man suspected of being one of the two assailants in the brutal beating of Giants fan Bryan Stow at Dodger Stadium was taken into custody early this morning, Los Angeles police sources say.

At about 7 a.m., the Los Angeles Police Department SWAT team descended on an East Hollywood apartment building with a warrant in hand. According to apartment building manager Maritza Camacho, police, using loudspeakers and with guns drawn, called out to the occupants of Apartment 25. Inside was one of the men police suspect in the March 31 beating that left Stow with brain damage. 
As residents of the three-story building stood watching from balconies, police removed, one by one, the people who were inside the apartment, according to Camacho. Among them was a man with a bald head and tattoos on his neck and arms, she said, a description that appeared to match the vague sketches released by police of one of the two suspects. She added that he did not appear to resist being taken into custody.

Several police sources confirmed that the man taken into custody was one of the two suspects in the beating.

Police officials declined to give details, including the name of the suspect, saying only that the investigation was ongoing.

Bryan Stow, 42, a father of two, was walking through the Dodger Stadium parking lot with two friends after the Dodgers'' opening-day victory over San Francisco when he was brutally assaulted. Stow, who lives in Santa Cruz and worked as a paramedic in Santa Clara, was wearing Giants apparel, police said, and two young men began taunting him. One of the assailants blindsided Stow with blows to the back and head, police said.

The two assailants repeatedly kicked and punched Stow while he was on the ground. Stow's friends attempted to help, and were also punched and kicked before the attackers fled in a car driven by a woman wearing an Andre Ethier jersey. Police said it appeared there also was a 10-year-old boy in the car.

As more time passed without an arrest, the reward fund grew to more than $200,000, and the suspects' sketches were plastered on about 200 billboards around the L.A. area.

Camacho said that the man taken into custody Sunday morning had not been a longtime resident of the East Hollywood apartment building, but she had begun to see him coming and going in the last few months.

Stow remains in critical condition at San Francisco General Hospital, where he was moved last week from County-USC Medical Center in Los Angeles.

Doctors in San Francisco told reporters Stow had opened his eyes but that his long-term recovery was far from certain.

The incident has brought scrutiny and negative media attention to the Dodgers, who are also in the midst of an ownership battle. Owner Frank McCourt is struggling to meet payroll, prompting Major League Baseball to seize all business and day-to-day operations of the team.
Bryan's sister on the news of the suspects capture.

This is some great news for the family. I hope this helps them sleep at night. The police just need to capture the other animal who took part in the beating, and a judge needs to throw the book at them.


  1. It's not the best area (Elysian Park)and with all due respect to the residents of ELA, the O'Malleys spent money for security. This is a sad day for a great franchise.
    I hope someone takes over the Franchise. The Dodgers have Vince Scully, Dodger stadium but a horrible ownership situation; and, apparently security problem, too.

  2. Whitney - Stupid Frank McCourt could have prevented this along time ago. Fans have been screaming for years to get lights in the parking lot, me included. I never felt safe walking through that parking lot after a game. They could have have had extra security too, but of course McCheap didn't want to spend extra money. Now it's too late.

    I'm happy they caught this jerk,unfortunately for Bryan Stow and his family, this should never have happened.

  3. I hope they got the right guy and he dies a horrible death.

  4. BCR - I hope you're right. Unfortunately, the California tax payers get take care of this guy for the rest of his life.