Wednesday, June 1, 2011

Don Mattingly Bobblehead Night

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Tonight was Don Mattingly bobblehead night at Dodger Stadium. Presented By Carl's Jr., this bobblehead was supposed to be given away to the first 50,000 fans in attendance. I don't even think there were 30,000 fans at the stadium today. Dodger Stadium was dead tonight. In years past, there would be hundreds of people in line waiting to get their bobbleheads. When we arrived, there was a very small group of people waiting to get into the Reserve section. You can see from my videos at the end of this post how bad it was.

Some pics from Dodger Stadium:

When we left, they were moving the leftover bobbleheads.

Let's take a look at Mattingly:

This is a great bobblehead. I just don't think Mattingly was a great choice. I talked to a lot of people, and many said they didn't care about this one. There are so many fans staying away from Dodger Stadium for so many reasons, a bobblehead this weak didn't help attendance. I'm willing to bet this was the lowest attended bobblehead game ever. Here's some video I took from the game:

Up next, Hong-Chih Kuo bobblehead on June 14.


  1. Hey Joshua! It was nice seeing you at the game. I agree I think they could have chosen a better bobblehead. But it is a nice one. I wish they also would have chosen Kuroda instead of Kuo which is the next bobble. Gosh what a depressing place to be tonight. No electricity at all. That is the 2nd time its been like that this season. It was nice to go with someone that has never been there before though. Unless I change my mind this maybe it for me this season. Maybe the Fernando mania will get me to got. But I can probably get them on EBAY. The express from union station was a great way to get to the game and not give McCourt another $15. Kind of shame what is taking palce there this season.

  2. It's a shame, though...this Bobblehead may be "weak" from the standpoint of it's a first-year manager who's yet to prove his value to the franchise....but Donny was a tremendous ballplayer and he walked into a shitty situation. I almost went tonight because I'd actually like to have this particular Bobblehead. It's very nicely done. I hope that there is some way to get a hold of one.

  3. There were apperantly 36,975 at the game. Yeah right. Looked more like 30,000 or fewer. If this is how few fans are going to show up for Donnie Bobblehead night how many will show up for Hong Chih Kuo Bobblehead night? Its pretty safe to say Mattingly is more wll known around baseball than Kuo and Kuo is on the DL. I actually had to look at the roster earlier this year to remind myself who he was. Also Kershaw is probably the ace of the staff and the attendance was low for that bobble as well. Looks like the fans are really staying away this season.

  4. Bruce - Nice seeing you too. I hope your friend enjoyed his first Dodger game. I think you're right about the Kuo bobblehead, attendance is gonna be bad.

    There's no way there were 36,975 at the game. I think it was closer to 25,000.

    Eric - You're right. The fans want bobbleheads of the popular players. There's nothing wrong with Mattingly as a manager, he's been put in a bad situation. He was also a great player, that's why I want one of his bobbleheads. This saves me from buying a Yankees Mattingly bobbblehead.

  5. Your right about the fans want bobbles of popular players. Maybe they could have had a Billingsley. But there are very few players on the team this year that the fans can consider popular or fan friendly. With the repeat of Ethier,the Mattingly and Kuo maybe its just me but I think they have too many bobbles this year. They should have only had 4 or maybe 5 at the very most this year. They obviously have more this year because they "Thought" the attedance would go up however their strategy seems to have backfired big time. Yeah my friend did have a great time last night he wished they would have won. He loved the view beyond Center field with the mountains and all.

  6. I expect different turnouts for Fernandomania and Ethier for sure. I can't help to think though that the Donny bobble is a cross between Beavis and Bob Hope lol. I wish we could get a hall of fame series of Dodger Bobbles I want a Campanella and Pee Wee Reese bobble so bad. ~Fred

  7. Fred - your right about the Fernando. I think the stadium will be full.

    Lol on the Beavis/Bob Hope thing.

    Jackie Robinson and Sandy Koufax are the two I want.

  8. I already tole you why I didnt attend this bobble head night. I will be at all the other ones though. The design of the Matingly bobble head is really nice though. Maybe I'll pick one up down the road.

  9. Mike - there were thousands left over. Shouldn't be a problem.

  10. I'm glad the Dodgers haven't done a Jackie Robinson or Sandy Koufax bobblehead.

    I love the Jackie Robinson or Sandy Koufax figurines they gave out, I believe in 2005. Those are great.