Wednesday, July 6, 2011

Bobblehead News

It's been a while since I posted some bobblehead news. Here's a few tidbits:

Check out Matt Kemp!
MLB Bobblehead Pros Now Available: Two weeks ago I mentioned a new video game coming out called MLB Bobblehead Pros. Well, it was finally made available for download on XBox Live today. MLB Bobblehead Pros is being sold for 800 MS points ($10). It will also be released on PSN at a later date.

Each MLB Team's Best Bobblehead of All-Time: Bleacher Report's Rays columnist Eli Marger lists what he thinks are the best bobbleheads given away by each of the 30 MLB teams. He feels the Andre Ethier Brooklyn Throwback bobblehead given away tomorrow is the best by the Dodgers. It's a nice bobblehead, but I have to disagree with him. I think it's the upcoming FernandoMania bobblehead. My favorite on his list is the Red Sox bobblehead, which is Ted Williams in a WWII fighter jet that was given away by the Lowell Spinners in 2008.

Buck Showalter Dugout Steps Bobblehead: One of the most common bobblehead themes in 2011 is the manager on the dugout steps. It's been done by the Dodgers, Padres, Royals and a few other teams. One of those teams is the Baltimore Orioles. Ryan, over at the Great Orioles Autograph Project, shows us his Showalter bobblehead. Ryan is also a great bobblehead trader. You can see his list of O's bobbles here.

Pagan's Angel Bobblehead: With the Mets in town playing the Dodgers, it got me thinking about one of the more interesting bobbles given away this year, Angel Pagan's Brooklyn Cyclones bobblehead.This was given away a few weeks ago by the Brooklyn Cyclones. Mike, of the Brooklyn Trolley Blogger, gives a look at the Pagan bobble that's donning the Angel wings and halo.

Werth Gets Another Bobblehead: Former Dodger, Jayson Werth, has received a couple of bobbleheads this year. His latest nodder will be given away this Friday by the Frederick Keys, Single-A affiliate of the Baltimore Orioles. Werth, who played for the Keys from 1999-2000, sported some sick sideburns back in the day, so they had to add them to the bobble.

Hanrahan  Gets a Bobblehead: Former Dodgers farmhand and first-time All-Star Joel Hanrahan will receive a bobblehead. The Iowa Native is being honored by the Iowa Cubs on August 3.

48-Hour Bobblehead Game Sale: Just a reminder to Dodger fans, there's about 20 hours left on this great deal the Dodgers are offering for tomorrow's Andre Ethier bobblehead night. Reserve Level seats are $5, Loge level and Right Field Pavilion tickets are $22, and Field Level tickets are available for $27. The sale ends Thursday at 6PM PT. You can use PROMO CODE: ASG2011.


  1. Roberto of 'Vin Scully Is My Homeboy' posted different pictures of Ethier's Brooklyn bobblehead. Looks sick!

  2. Bluefan - it does. Roberto had privilege of being at Blogger night, where they put it on display.

  3. There are some great looking bobbleheads here. I'm curious to see what the Yankee bobble is.

  4. He chose the Roger Clemens bobblehead. Doesn't look like anything too special, but then again, I don't think the Yanks give too many bobbleheads away.

  5. The Ethier bobble is sweet. And I like the Showalter a lot! He was such a hard ass here (NY) and they got his stoic face just right.