Thursday, July 7, 2011

Another Bobblehead Night Is Here!

We've arrived at another bobblehead night, Andre Ethier Throwback. This is bobblehead number 4 of six this year, which leaves us with two remaining, Fernandomania(July 26) and Duke Snider(August 9).

I've already seen a few shots of this bobblehead floating around the blogosphere, and from what I can see, it looks like P2 did a great job on Andre.

Don't forget, the Dodgers are still offering tickets for tonight's game at a heavy discount. Reserve level tickets are just $5, Loge level and Right Field Pavilion are $22, and Field level are $27. You can click here for the discount.

One more reminder, and Bobbles Galore will be holding a contest tomorrow night, and we'll be giving away this same Andre Ethier bobblehead. You get all the contest details here.

Who's going to tonight's game?


  1. First bobblehead game at chavez ravine for me! (i'd failed to make it to kuo & haren earlier this summer) Most of mine have been at chase field or miller park. Hope to meet mr dodgerbobble someday!

  2. Max - have fun! I believe I'm in reserve section 8 tonight.