Saturday, July 23, 2011

Player Appearance: Clayton Kershaw

Dodgers Ace Clayton Kershaw made an appearance at Living Spaces in La Mirada today. He was scheduled to meet the fans and sign autographs from 10:00am to Noon.

I arrived at Living Spaces at 4:30am. There were already about 150 people in line. This was one of those appearances I knew would get crazy. I had heard from a few different people that they would be arriving very early. Well, by 6:00 am, the line was wrapping around the building, and by 8:00 I think there were over 400 people there.

At around 8:30, that's when all hell broke loose. Two Living Spaces employees started handing out wrist bands. Everyone from from the back of the line began rushing them. Before you knew it, there were hundreds of people at the front of the line surrounding the lady with the wrist bands. A lot of those people from the back of the line were now closer to the front, and the line had turned into a huge mess.

The first group of 100 people  got yellow wrist bands. I eventually got a green wrist band, which put me in the second group of people. This pissed me off because I should have been in that first group.

Things finally started getting organized, but the line was growing longer and longer. I was finally sent into the store at around 9:30 and was about 215 people back. Clayton arrived on time. He walked in through the front door and the crowd started cheering. The line began moving at around 10:10, and it moved at a nice pace.

I got to the front of the line at around 11:30. We were told one autograph per person and no pictures with Clayton. I decided to get my bobblehead signed. Kersh was very nice, signing his name on one side of the hat and  inscribing 2011 All-Star on the other side.

When I walked out of the store at 11:35, the line was still very long, and still wrapping around the building. There were hundreds of people there, and I've heard now that most left without the autograph.

I hate to say it, but this event was a little disappointing. Living Spaces usually has their shit together, but today was very unorganized, and the whole wrist band incident could have been handled better.

This was the line when we left

There are just too many people to give shout outs to in this post, but it was great seeing everyone today. Thanks to Clayton Kershaw for the autograph and Living Spaces for hosting the event.


  1. 4:30 am and there was over 100 people already? Crazy

  2. It was nuts. The Matt Kemp appearance will be worse I think

  3. What a fun and very long day. I think that was the longest I have ever waited in line for an autograph. So glad I got there early I got a nice signature on a baseball at about 11:40. Sounds like I made it to the front just in time. I could have done without the line rush and I could really have done without Vic the Brick was so annoying. We were right near the door when Clayton came in. Gosh in street clothes he looks like he is in high school. He was very chatty when he was signing. I asked him if he is pitching on tuesday and he said yes. I told him I am going and told him it has a bobblehead night
    and he asked who's bobblehead and I told him Fernando and he so oh how nice. Then I thanked him and told him good luck on Tuesday. He could not have been nicer. One of the better meet and greets I have experienced. A fun but tiring day.

  4. Bruce - Yeah, he's so nice. Very quiet. Crazy day though. Living Spaces really blew it on the wristbands. Oh well, at least we got autos, I feel bad for those that didn't.

  5. Nice summary. Too bad it was disappointing.

  6. What was upsetting was to see all the guys that were there trying to get tons of jerseys signed so they can sell them later! They had like 10 kids each! Exploitation!! They were the ones that made that line crazy. I'm glad I got my bobblehead signed.

  7. Johngy - Thanks. I got the auto in the end, so I shouldn't be too disappointed.

    Dodgergirl - It's disgusting what those people are doing. Those are the people ruining the fun for us true fans. I'm happy you got your bobblehead signed.

  8. I was in the next group that was supposed to get autos right when Clayton left. I felt cheated because of the whole wristband incident and lack of respect for those waiting in line. I had my bobblehead on hand as well hoping to get it signed but no dice. 2716DodgerGirl is right, there were people exploiting this event with all the kids they bring but I see that all the time especially with the stadium giveaways. In the future I wish it could be 1 auto PER FAMILY. I cant say it was a total disappointment because I did get to meet Josh for the first time. -Fred

  9. Fred - very nice meeting you too. Like I said, sorry I had to run. It's too bad so many people left without autos. I hope Clayton does another event soon.

  10. 1 auto per family won't get 10 kids in, rofl, have obviously not been to Six Flags MC :P How would you crack down on that? Nobody is going to be mean to a kid.

  11. Yeah, it might be tough. You can't say no to the kids, and believe me, Living Spaces didn't say no to the kids. They let so many in.

    Things will remain the same, people will have to get to these events super early if they want an auto. Hopefully the staff can keep things organized.