Friday, August 19, 2011

The Omar Bravo Bobblehead Incident

On Wednesday, MLS club Sporting Kansas City held Omar Bravo bobblehead night. The first 10,000 fans in attendance received a bobblehead. One of those fans, or should I say one idiot, decided it would be a good idea to rip the head off of his nodder and throw it at SKC's goalkeeper Jimmy Nielsen. 

From the Associated Press

Nielsen was struck by a piece from an Omar Bravo bobblehead doll, one of thousands given away to fans in attendance. The Danish keeper lay on the field for 4 minutes but was able to continue after being checked out by medical personnel.
Two people were arrested.
Nielsen, who was getting a drink beside the goal when he was hit, said he’s had objects thrown at him “a million times, but never at home.
“It happens,” he said. “It’s no big deal.”

No big deal? That's one tough Dane. Nielsen, who received stitches above the eye and sported a nice shiner, continued to play and finished the game. SKC beat Portland 3-1.

Shame on the guy who threw the Bravo head at Nielsen. And shame on him for destroying a perfectly good bobblehead!

        Pictures Via Yahoo! Sports


  1. soccer fans are nuts!

  2. MLS fans get bored and wanted to amuse thmeselves. The league is double-A soccer at best.

  3. Jesse - Yes they are. Even the ones in Kansas City!

    Mike - So true.

  4. I didn't know Jered Weaver was a soccer fan.

  5. MLS is awesome, Support American Soccer, It's your national duty!!

  6. Spankee - nice shot at Weaver! Damn headhunter.

    Anonymous - I have no problem with American soccer. As a matter of fact, I'm a Galaxy fan. It is a second tier league though compared to other leagues around the world.

  7. That's awful to hear. And I feel bad for the goalie too.

  8. Dodgerbbobble: I'm sorry about your choice in team, that's equal to liking the Yankees. It's all about the real team in LA, our GOATS. BA1850 x NEVER x DIE

  9. Anon - It's OK. My wife is Chivas Guadelajara fan. I'm not that big of a soccer fan, although I grew up watching it. My father is big Manchester United fan. I did watch Bayern Munich vs FC Zurich with him today though. Good game.

  10. DB, we need to find whoever threw that bobble head and get them signed with the Dodgers, our bullpen needs help!

  11. Format - I know! That dude's got a great arm!