Wednesday, September 14, 2011

I Needed To See Kershaw Pitch One More Time. Oh, And I Got Some Autographs Too

I made it up to Dodger Stadium tonight to see Clayton Kershaw pitch one last time this season and also to pick up a few autographs. The wife and I got there right as the gates opened, and we went straight to the field. We got lucky, running into Matt Kemp before he headed into the clubhouse. I thanked him for the pizza a couple weeks ago, and he signed two cards for us. Then we waited, and a couple of the guys came by, including Trent Oeltjen and Josh Linblom, but it was pretty dead otherwise.

Matt Kemp is the man! Thank you Bison.

We waited for a little bit longer when Steve Lyons strolled by. He was his usual "Psycho" self, joking around and making fun of the picture on his 1990 baseball card. We waited a bit longer, with no success, then headed over to get some autos from the guys in the bullpen.

Psycho signing

The relief pitchers didn't sign very long, but we did manage to get Javy Guerra, Nathan Eovaldi and a few others. It's been dead at the stadium all year long, giving many autograph-seekers some great opportunities to pick up sigs.

Who are these two studs? Javy and DB!

I like this Nathan Eovaldi kid.  I think he'll be around for a while.

Honeycutt smudge

Psycho, John Ely, Trent Oeltjen and Ramon Troncoso

Oh yeah, Clayton pitched a nice game, until he got thrown out in the sixth inning for beaning Gerardo Parra. Of course we all saw the retaliation coming after Parra's homerun admiration the night before, and Clayton letting him know how he felt about it. But it wasn't something Clayton should have been ejected for, especially without any warnings from the umpire. He did end up with the win though, and even lowered his era to 2.30,  bringing him one step closer to a Cy Young Award. I'm glad I got to see him pitch again before the season ends.


  1. Wow! Nice catch! Great game as well. Jansen finished the game in style and Kershaw... well, it's only a matter of time before he will get that Cy Young Award.

  2. Good seeing you again and nice success on the Matt Kemp.

  3. Dutch - Thanks! I love the Kenley. He was one of the guys I came specifically for. When he got to the bullpen area, he went directly to the clubhouse, and didn't sign for anyone. I was very disappointed. I bitched about it all night to the wife. I'll get him next time!

    Jesse - Great seeing you too! How did you do tonight?

  4. That Kemp Chicle looks fantastic! Glad you had a great time DB!

  5. That's dope! How do you get on the field?

  6. Gododger5 - oh, I'm not on the field. I just had field level tix.

  7. Lucky getting Kemp to sign. I tried on Tuesday and couldnt. But ended up getting 6 other dodgers to sign my hat. Including Loney. Pays off to get there early.

  8. Follow me - very nice. I just missed Loney yesterday.