Monday, September 12, 2011

Only Three Dates Left For A Coca-Cola Bobblehead Value Pack

There are just three more chances to take advantage of the Coca-Cola Bobblehead Value Packs the Dodgers are offering on select Wednesdays and Sundays in September. These value packs include four tickets, four Dodger Dogs, four Coca-Colas and four Don Mattingly bobbleheads.  Packages start at $20 per ticket and are available for 4 to 29 tickets.

This is the same promotion the Dodgers started running in August, although they were giving away Clayton Kershaw bobbleheads at the time. If anyone missed out on the Don Mattingly bobblehead giveaway in June, this is a good opportunity to pick one up before the season ends. I know there are quite a few Dodger fans that didn't make it to the stadium for a Mattingly bobblehead on June 1. That was the emptiest I had ever seen Dodger Stadium on a bobblehead night. You can see my recap of that game here.

The three dates remaining for the Coca-Cola Bobblehead Value Pack are Wednesday, September 14,  Sunday, September 18, and Wednesday, September 21. Like I said before, I don't want to support Frank McCourt in any way, but this seems like a very good deal, especially if you're missing this bobblehead in your collection.


  1. That is a good deal. even if you already have the bobblehead

  2. I'm not really a Dodger fan, but I just wanted to say what a cool idea for a blog. Well done,

    I did have Chicago Cub bobbleheads when I was a kid...Ernie Banks and Ron Santo.

  3. Snow White Sanctum = Thanks! If I were to have any two Cubs bobbleheads, it would be those two.

  4. Watts up dodger bobble did u end up goin to the star power event wit mayweather? If so how was it?

  5. gododger5 - I did go. It was BS. They ran 45 minutes late. Once they got up on the stage De La Hoya just stood in the background while Maywether talked a little bit of crap. It was so stupid. Once they left the stage, they got mobbed by the crowd. Luckily I only live ten minutes from CityWalk, so I wasn't too upset.