Monday, November 21, 2011

Dodgers To Give Away 10 Bobbleheads in 2012, Including A Sandy Koufax Bobble!

The Dodgers just released their 2012 promotional schedule, and there's TEN...yes TEN bobleheads being given away, including a Sandy Koufax bobblehead! For a rundown of the entire promotional list, go to Here's a list of the ten bobblehead dates:

#1 Saturday, April 28 vs Washington

#2 Tuesday, May 15 vs Arizona

#3 Tuesday, May 29 vs Milwaukee

#4 Tuesday, June 12 vs Anaheim

#5 Thursday, June 28 vs NYM

#6 Saturday, July 14 vs San Diego

#7 Tuesday, July 31 vs Arizona

#8 Tuesday, August 7 vs Colorado - Sandy Koufax Bobblehead

#9 Tuesday, August 21 vs San Francisco

#10 Thursday, August 30 vs Arizona

The team is also offering a 10 game Dodger Stadium Greats mini ticket plan.

Celebrate the 50th anniversary of Dodger Stadium with the Dodger Stadium Greats Bobblehead Series! This planincludes all ten bobblehead giveaways for 2012, featuring Dodger players and personalities who have been a part of Dodger Stadium history.

To purchase the mini plan, click here.


  1. Looks like most of us will be going to many games next year.

  2. Awesome! The Koufax bobble head is for real! This must have been the idea of someone not named McCourt.

  3. Follow Me - I think I'm buying a pair of Mini plans now.

    Mike - Our Jewish bobblehead dream!

  4. Holy crap dude! We're gonna see a lot of blogs by you next season. I still have to get last years nodders. They're waiting for me.

  5. Dutch - Can't wait for next year!

    Enrique was telling me at the last Viva Los Dodgers that you guys had something worked out for 2011's set of six.

  6. I can't believe that, you are so lucky!

  7. Yeah, that's right! He's keeping em safe for me till i come and pick em up.

  8. Dodgerbobble can hardly contain himself!

    I got a real job finally. Hopefully getting back to more blogging finally.

    Look for a Dominican bobblehead post soon!

  9. Ryan- Personally, I think it's overkill, but I'll be at Dodger Stadium for all ten.

    Dutch - I hope you can come out to Dodger Stadium in 2012 for at least one of these bobblehead nights. Maybe Koufax?

    Domincan Baseball Guy - Can't wait to read that post! Maybe Pedro Guerrero or Manny Mota or Ramon Martinez get a bobblehead in 2012.

  10. Well, that would be awesome. But as long as they don't give away a nodder on opening day, I won't get my hands on one, at least for free.

  11. Dutch - that sucks. You're going to opening day?

  12. my sister and I are going to opening day DB!

  13. Ow well, i know bobblesgalore has them and maybe Enrique can help me out next season as well. Yup, home opener and the game after that. Erm... If I can get tix. But booked my flight already. Maybe I'll see you there?

  14. Format - Cool! I'll get mine in a couple of months.

    Dutch - Let's try to meet up on Opening Day.