Sunday, January 8, 2012

Bobblehead Of The Day: Mike Piazza Headliner

While technically not a bobblehead, this Mike Piazza figure is about the same size and is built similarly to one. Produced by Corinthians, Headliners XL's figures featured some of the biggest stars in baseball. This Mike Piazza was produced in 1998, along with eleven other players. There is one other Dodger on that list, Hideo Nomo. Here is the complete 1998 Headliners Roster:

1. Barry Bond               7. Andres Galarraga
2. Ken Griffey Jr.          8. Derek Jeter
3. Chipper Jones          9. Dave Justice
4. Mark McGwire         10. Hideo Nomo
5. Mike Piazza             11. Cal Ripken Jr.
6. Alex Rodriguez        12. Frank Thomas

All the figures were limited to a run of 20,000 units and come with  a certificate of authenticity which is attached to the back of the box.

Here's Piazza:

Even though the head doesn't bobble, I still love this thing. From the mullet to the mustache, this looks so much like Mike Piazza. Another feature I like is the removable hat. 

Mike Piazza was my favorite Dodger in the 90's and like many other Dodger fans, I was very sad the day he was traded. I always hoped the Dodgers would giveaway a bobblehead of him. They haven't announced one yet, but I have a feeling he'll finally get one in 2012. For now, this is the closest thing I've got to a Mike Piazza bobble.


  1. This is cool Josh. Piazza is one of my favorite Dodgers too. I was so sad when he was traded.

  2. I wish the Dodgers gave him a bobblehead this year. ;(