Sunday, April 1, 2012

Bobblehead Of The Day: Ron Cey Musical Bobblehead

It's time for another bobblehead post. These things have been very rare, but with the bobblehead season about to start, they'll come a bit more frequently. 

Today's bobble is 2004's Ron Cey Musical Bobblehead. This was a Dodger Stadium Exclusive that was sold at the Top of the Park gift shop along with a Steve Garvey Musical Bobblehead. I believe there were only 500 sold. This bobblehead is 2 inches larger than the normal Dodger Stadium bobblehead and stands at about nine inches. There is a baseball between Cey's feet and when pushed, it plays "Take Me Out To The Ballgame."

Here's the Penguin:

The musical bobblehead and the 2006 SGA

Here's one of my Cey bobbleheads, playing "Take Me Out To The Ballgame". The battery inside is eight years old, that's why it sounds like a dying dog.


If anyone is interested in this Cey bobblehead you can purchase it at Bobbles Galore by clicking here. You can also get the Garvey musical bobblehead by clicking here.


  1. I don't do bobbleheads, but I might have to get that one, just because it's just ... just ... mesmerizing.

  2. I have the Cey and the Garvey musical bobbleheads, both signed by them as well. They are great to look at because they seem to have a little more detail than the normal version,s and they are XL size. The only problem is as you pointed out, the music no longer works. My Garvey also sounds like a dying dog, and my Cey no longer works.

    Any advice on how to get them fix?

  3. Yes, you can take a small flathead screwdriver and carefully remove the plate from the bottom. It's glued in, so be careful not to break it. I got replacement batteries at the 99 cent store.

    1. hi, how did you get the speaker off? thanks