Wednesday, April 11, 2012

Dodger Stadium Home Opener Pics

Once again, Opening Day at Dodger Stadium was amazing. I got there right when the gates opened at 10:00 and stayed for six hours. Everything seemed to be perfect, the sun was out, the fans showed up and the Dodgers won. Here are some pics.

The new 50th anniversary logo

Ron Cey signing a ball for me.
Here's the Penguin's auto

The US Army

Tommy Hawkins

Peter O'Malley signing for me


The Beach Boys singing the National Anthem

It was nice being back at Dodger Stadium. I had a great time with the wife and it was also very nice seeing all my Dodger friends, Dutch Dodger, Jesse, Albert, Scott and everyone else. 


  1. Where do you usally sit?

    @zuelos (twitter)

  2. Why does your OD seem so classy? Cincinnati was a drunk fest with polska keilbasa, beer, and blondes smoking cigerettes lol

    1. They always have great OD ceremonies. But to be honest, my wife and I got into it with some drunks sitting behind us. Dodger Stadium can be a rough place. There were people walking around double fisting beers. It was a drunk fest at Dodger Stadium too.

  3. Nice pix! It was a wonderful day. Got a nice sun burn!