Monday, April 9, 2012

Bobbles Galore And Forever Collectibles To Produce New Dodger Dog Bobbles

We're just 16 hours from the home opener at Dodger Stadium and I can't begin to tell you how anxious I am to take in the first home game of the year. One of my traditions, and I'm sure the tradition of most Dodger fans, is to eat that first Dodger Dog of the year. For me, it's a grilled dog with ketchup, deli mustard and onions. Just writing this is making my mouth water. 

Earlier today the Dodgers announced the addition of four new Extreme Loaded Dodger Dogs to the menu: The Heater, Frito Pie, Big Kid and the Tailgate Dog. Check them out here. Well, here at, we have our own Dodger Dog announcement to make. Bobbles Galore has commissioned a new Dodger Dog bobble which is being produced by Forever Collectibles.

Here's the announcement from Bobbles Galore:

Whether you are a native of Los Angeles and have grown up with many opportunities to indulge in a Dodger Dog or if you are from another part of the country and have had the privilege of consuming aLegendary Dodger Dog you will never forget how cool and tasty it is to devour that extra long hot dog, loaded with onions, relish, mustard and the like.
The Dodgers do not have an official mascot but I would venture to say that many Dodgers fans consider the Dodger Dog our unofficial mascot. Back in 2002 the Dodgers produced a limited edition Dodger Dog bobble that was sold exclusively at Dodger Stadium. The production numbers of how many were actually produced are not known but consensus amongst collectors is that there were roughly about 5,000 pieces produced and sold. Today that bobble is highly sought after by both bobblehead collectors and Dodgers fans alike. Unfortunately for most fans, if you are lucky enough to find one available, that bobble sells on the collector market upwards of $150.00 to $200.00.
With Dodger fans and collectors in mind has commissioned a Limited Edition production run of 300 Dodger Dog bobbles . Produced by Forever Collectibles, this bobble will feature the world famous Dodgers Dog strutting his stuff and bobbling his armsProduced in VERY LIMITED quantities and with each and everyone individually serial numbered these will be highly sought after and should sell out quickly (There is a strict limit of 6 pieces per order).
Pre-order yours now at while supplies last. The tentative delivery time frames upplied to us by the manufacturer is June 2012 but that can vary due to any customs or shipping delays.
If you're interested in pre-ordering the Dodger Dog bobble, you can click here or the picture in my sidebar.


  1. Wow! I have the Dodger Dog bobblehead. I had taken it to a Caravan in Northridge so is signed by the players that attended that event like Fernando, Garvey, Weaver, Tiffany,etc. I did write the names on a separate paper that I have underneath by Dodger dog bobblehead. Looking forward to the new ones and tasting one of the new Dodger dogs. -Emma

    1. I have the original too! Can I see a pic of yours Emma?

  2. Anthropomorphic food kind of creep me out. Haha.

  3. Dude, you gotta go Grilled, onions, relish and deli mustard. Ketchup is for kids. LOL.

    @zuelos (twitter)