Monday, May 7, 2012

Contest Post

Alright, here we go with the first Bobbles Galore bobblehead contest of the year. Remember, in order to win,  you must be a follower of this blog, you must be a fan of on Facebook or following them on Twitter and you have to answer the three trivia questions correctly in the comments section of this post. You can see all the rules here.

Since the next Dodger bobblehead giveaway is Orel Hershiser, Answer these three questions about the Bulldog:

1. What year did Orel Hershiser make his major league debut?

2. Besides the Dodgers, what are the other three Major league teams Orel played for?

3. Orel pitched in 353 regular season games as a Dodger in 13 different seasons. What is his regular season career wins and losses record as a Dodger?

First Dodgerbobble follower to answer all three questions correctly in the comments section of this post wins the Maury Wills/Don Drysdale bobblehead.


  1. 1.September 1, 1983 for the Los Angeles Dodgers
    2. Giants Indians Mets

  2. 1. 1983

    2. Mets, Indians, Giants

    3. 135-107

  3. Also have a preordered dodger dog bobble. =)

  4. 1983
    Dodgers Indians giants Mets

  5. 1. September 1, 1983
    2. indians giants mets
    3. wins 135 loses 107

  6. 1. 1983
    2. Indians, Giants, Mets
    3 135 W and 107 L

  7. Congratulations Fred! I'll get in contact with you.

  8. George ContoyannisMay 7, 2012 at 10:42 PM

    1. 1983
    2. Indians, Giants, Mets
    3. 135 Wins and 107 Loses

  9. hey homie,

    do you still have most of the cards on your trade bait page? Cause if you do i would love to trade with you.... let me know