Sunday, June 3, 2012

The Great Infield Bobblehead Night

Once again I'm a little late on the bobblehead night recap. I'm not sure why, but I'm getting lazier and lazier every time I go to Dodger Stadium. I bring the camera, but I don't feel like taking pictures.  Maybe it's because I'm tired from work, I dunno. 

Anyway, the Dodgers honored the great infield of Steve Garvey, Ron Cey, Bill Russell and Davey Lopes with a mini quad bobblehead on Tuesday, May 29.  Just like the first two bobbleheads before it, this one looks amazing. I've got to praise the artist on this one because the details are nearly perfect. All four bobbles look like the actual player. 

Before the game started, I was getting autographs along with many other Dodger fans. Steve Garvey and Bill Russell were both signing. There were a lot of people waving the bobblehead at them both, and I saw them signing the bottom of the base. I'm not really sure where people expect the guys to sign this bobblehead because it's so small. And that's probably my only complaint about this bobblehead, the size. I really wish they made it a little bigger.


  1. DodgersClippersBruinsFanJune 3, 2012 at 3:17 PM

    The details are very nice on this bobble, I was disapointed by the size of it, I thought it should of been the size of the drysdale/wills bobble. Great way to honor the infield

  2. can't wait for mine to get here!