Sunday, June 10, 2012

Trading With The Snorting Bull

I just completed my fourth trade with Eric from the Snorting Bull. Eric seems to be a Matt Kemp magnet. Every time he gets a new one, he dangles it out there for me to drool over. This newest Kemp is of the Topps Marquee variety, a quad jersey numbered to 199. One piece of jersey has a beautiful blue stripe in it  making it more appealing to me. I had to have it.

The other card Eric offered was a Dee Gordon  jersey numbered to 199. Believe it or not, I don't have one single Dee Gordon game-used piece. This one is a jumbo red piece of jersey from the 2010 All-Star Futures game. 

Now, I love the two jersey cards up there, but as an autograph collector, I'm always looking for new Dodger autos to add to the collection. Eric had a few I needed, so we got those into the deal as well.

Thanks for the trade Eric! Click here to see what I sent to the Snorting Bull.

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