Monday, November 5, 2012

Facebook Trading: New Kemp And Ethier Autos

In my pursuit to pick up as many Matt Kemp autographs as possible, I just completed yet another trade for one via Facebook. This time it was with FB friend Brian. After looking through what seemed like an endless photo album of sports card goodness, I found a few of his Dodger cards I liked. We went back and forth a few times and in the end we made a nice multi-card deal. I ended up with a 2010 Topps Tribute Kemp auto/dual jersey and a 2008 Allen & Ginter Andre Ethier autograph. 

I think both cards are gorgeous and I'm happy to add them to the collection. I want to thank Brian for the trade. I can't wait for our next deal! If you're interested in making a trade, you can check out my trade bait page here.


  1. DodgersClippersBruinsFanNovember 5, 2012 at 7:22 PM

    The kemp is very sharp looking, my brother got me a million Andre ethier cards for my bday a couple years back and that one was included. Nice cards

    1. Thanks! Yeah, I love Allen & Ginter. They've got that classic look.

  2. Nice gets! And ok, I'll be the one to say it. Love the numbering on the Kemp. Also, expect a FB PM later tongiht.