Friday, November 9, 2012

More Dodger Autos From The Snorting Bull

A few weeks back I posted a trade with blogger Eric from The Snorting Bull. I only showed the Matt Kemp cards that came my way in the trade, but there were actually a few other goodies involved. I'm gonna break this entire trade up into three parts. You can see the first part of the trade here, and I'll post the third installment later this weekend. 

The Kemps were the centerpieces of the deal, but there were a few lower-end Dodger autographs that I needed. Here's what I picked up:

If a player ever wore a Dodger uniform, I want his autograph. I didn't have any of the above players, so it was nice to add some new sigs. Thanks again to Eric for the trade. Part three is coming is coming soon.


  1. This is probably the best grouping of Doyer autos ever. Great haul.

  2. i like when players don't know that there is a space on the card where they are supposed to sign on these certified releases. the best is bert blyleven and the 2004 upper deck legends cards.

  3. Wondering if you were going to list the card that you gave up?

    1. Jackson - I never list what I give up in a trade, but Eric did post what I sent him. You can see that here:

  4. DodgersClippersBruinsFanNovember 10, 2012 at 8:13 PM

    Nothing like a good Joe thurston auto. I love the Wilton one too.

  5. I just got a call from one of my older brothers in Nevada telling me he found a Joe Thurston Las Vegas 51s bobblehead. The Dodgers had such high hopes for him.