Wednesday, June 9, 2010

Dodgers News And Notes

The Dodgers completed the home sweep of the Cardinals tonight. The last time that happened was in the magical 1988 season.

Dodgers tap into 'V energy'. Frank and Jamie McCourt quietly hired a Russian emigre who calls himself a scientist and healer to 'think blue' and channel his thoughts toward the team's success as he watched them play on TV. This is a weird story.

Carlos Monasterios is getting another start. Joe Torre said he would give rookie Carlos Monasterios one more start Sunday, against the Anaheim Angels, before possibly returning the job to Opening Day starter Vicente Padilla.

Day 3 of the MLB draft was today. Memories of Kevin Malone has details on all the Dodgers picks.

Speaking of Dodger draft picks, one of those picks was Andre Ethier's younger brother Devon. The 20-year old was selected in the 32nd round out of Gateway Community College in Phoenix. I'm sure this will make a few female Dodgers fans happy.


  1. The Blue is playing some great ball lately. Sweeping Carpenter and wainwright is a huge statement going forward.
    Monaterios should be given one more start due to the success he has had this season. Padilla better pitch his ass off to keep his spot in the rotation. The bullpen should take a big step up with Monasterios filling the middle innings. He could also have played himself into a blockbuster deal to get Roy Oswalt or even Cliff Lee.
    When is the Dave Anderson Bobble coming? He was the man way back when. Gotta love utility men who barely hit .200.

  2. Monasterios in no way would be a key cog in any deal, he's best suited to be a reliever and isn't a top prospect. Oh, and we don't need a Lee or Oswalt.