Tuesday, July 20, 2010

Blowing It On Bobblehead Night

What a game. The offense came to life against Tim Lincecum. Andre Ethier hit a big first inning homerun. Clayton Kershaw pitched well and left tonight's game with a  5-4 lead. But in the end, the bullpen blew that lead. Broxton's got some issues that need to be worked out. Watching him pitch is maddening. What can be said about George Sherrill? I can't see how the Dodgers can continue to hang on to him. He's lost it.

On his bobblehead night, James Loney went 0 for 3 with a walk. He also helped Jonathan Broxton exit the game early. After making one trip to the mound to talk to Brox, fill-in manager Don Mattingly was called back to the mound by Loney, and that was considered to be a second trip. By rule, a manager can only make one trip to the mound to talk to the pitcher. A second trip means the pitcher must leave the game. And that was when Mattingly brought in Sherrill. I knew what was coming at that point. Sherrill gave up the lead and the Giants won 7-5.

The Dodgers have lost six games in a row  and are now 6 games behind the first place Padres. Oh yeah, and Manny's been placed on the disabled list AGAIN! Things are pretty bad in Dodgertown right now.

Another bobblehead was given away tonight. James Loney's bobblehead was the third of four bobbleheads this year. Presented by Carls Jr, this bobble was made by P Squared Promos and given to the first 50,000 fans in attendance.

Cases of bobbleheads

All gone

I went to the game with my son Kevin tonight. It was our first trip to the Ravine together this year. We had a great time. It would have been better with a Dodger win.


  1. YEP, you nailed it re: Broxton and Sherrill. Broxton was GREAT what, 2 years ago?? And now, he's a hit n miss. Why we traded Randy Wolf and kept a guy like George Sherrill is BEYOND me. It was pretty frustrating to watch.

  2. Kat - This is so frustrating. There's an obvious problem that needs fixing. The bullpen is a mess and nothing is being done to fix it. Why hasn't Ned gone out and picked up an arm?

    Joe Torre really did this to himself. His abuse of the bullpen has left him with no one reliable. Where's Ramon Troncoso or Cory Wade? Guys like this have been abused by Torre, and now that they're needed, they are nowhere to be found.

  3. I saw the game on TV. The Mattingly incident was something I hadn't seen before. That has to be frustrating for Dodger fans -- they got to Lincecum but still lost the game.

    It's cool that you were able to take your son to the game and get a bobblehead.

  4. Kat- Broxton is fine. Let me repeat. FINE. Jonathan Broxton is the least of our worries. Rest is all he needs.

    Sherrill was never that good.

  5. Matt - Yeah. At the end of the day, the experience with my son made up for the bad game.

    Greg - I've been defending Brox a lot lately. But now I'm starting to worry.