Tuesday, August 24, 2010

LA Times Columnist Catches A JetHawks Game

Los Angeles Times columnist Chris Erskine took a trip to Lancaster a couple of weeks ago to catch a JetHawks game. It was actually the same game I attended, which was also my first minor league game. I had a great time. He seemed to have a great time at the game too. Erskine gives us all the details on the JetHawks. Here's a bit of what Erskine had to say:

Lancaster's the place, and here we find a plucky little Class-A team, the JetHawks. Best of all, we find baseball devoid of ego and excess and all the other trappings that sometimes churn your Cheerios.

That's right, Lancaster — last gas before Nevada. Basically, you drive until you start seeing trailer parks and mules. When the L.A. radio stations get all fuzzy, hang a left. That's Clear Channel Stadium, ironically enough. Locals also call it the Hangar.

It's a gem of a little stadium too, as many of these minor league parks are. For 13 bucks, you get the very best ticket and all the slices of Americana you could ever devour.

He's right. I felt like I was surrounded by real baseball fans, people who cared more about what was happening on the field  rather than what was on their cell phones. I was amazed to see some of the players talking to the fans. How cool is that?

Erskine then goes on to talk about what you're getting for your money:

In fact, carve 40 bucks out of your late-August budget and here's what you'll get during an evening for two in the California League

2 tickets behind the plate
Chicken sandwich
Large soft drink
2 game programs
A free comic book for the kid

Plenty, right? But that doesn't even begin to capture the experience. The F-18 flyover to start the game, so low you could almost high-five the pilot.
If you go on the right day, you can even get a bobblehead. I would recommend a trip to Lancaster to anyone in search of some good baseball, and a good time at a low cost. You can check out the JetHawks website here. Hat tip to Tom on the LA Times piece.