Wednesday, August 25, 2010

Mannywood Flies At Long Beach Flugtag

This past Saturday, the Red Bull Flugtag event was held in Long Beach harbor. 36 teams attempted to "fly" their crafts off of a 30-foot flight deck. The human-powered flying machines are always very imaginative, and this weekend's contestants were no exception.

There was one Dodger-related team, Team Mannywood, a group of five friends from Santa Clarita, who built a giant Manny Ramirez helmet, complete with dreadlocks and cans of Red Bull attached to the sides.

What they made was pretty impressive, although I can't say as much for their actual attempt at flying. It was fun to watch though.
Here they are putting everything together:

Here's the performance:

You can read about Team Mannywood here.


  1. This is ace! Look at those guys!! Great! Curious what they're gonna do next year. Team Lillywood? Team Leewood?

  2. Dutch Dodger - Hopefully Team Crawfordwood.

    Did I just write Crawfordwood? What I'm getting at is I want Carl Crawford in LA next year. I know it's a longshot, but he would be a nice replacement for Manny.