Tuesday, August 17, 2010

The Last Bobblehead Of The Year

The day has finally arrived. Matt Kemp bobblehead night.  It's the last bobblehead giveaway day at Dodger Stadium this season. I'm happy that I'll be getting another nodder for the collection, and sad that it's the final one of the year. This one looks real cool and I can't wait to pick it up.

If you don't have tickets, there are still some available through the Dodgers website. You can purchase tickets by going here. As of 5:15 this morning, there were still tickets available in the Field Box, Loge and Reserve section.

So who's going?


  1. This fine looking bobble was mentioned on the most recent Dodgers game we saw here in Canada in that it commemorates the skills of Kemp in reaching up over tops of fences / walls to haul back some almost certain shots ...

    YES, it looks great and is a much better overall design than many bobbles where the player is just standing looking straight ahead with bat or glove ...

    There are a number of different makers of these bobbles and small statuettes and this one appears to have some true imagination.


  2. Colonel 77 - Agreed. This is a great looking bobblehead, probably the nicest the Dodgers have given away.

    This one is made by P Squared Promtions. They've been making bobbleheads for the Dodgers since 2004.

    Just curious, did you see the Dodger game on MLB TV?

  3. My Girlfriend and I will be there. The giveaways (especially this last bobble) are about all we have left to look forward to for the season.

  4. Ben - Yeah. I know. I'll take the bobblehead and still cheer for the Dodgers, even though I know the season is over.