Saturday, August 14, 2010

Matt Kemp Drama

The Matt Kemp drama continues. In a Bill Plaschke article on Thursday, we heard from Matt Kemp's agent, former Dodger Dave Stewart. "It's almost like it's open season on Matt, and it's not right," Stewart said in a phone interview. "It's a bunch of back-seat crap." Stewart feels his client has been treated unfairly by the Dodgers, particularly by coaches Bob Schaefer and Larry Bowa, both of whom have been critical of Kemp this year.

Then in a Steve Dilbeck article, we find out  both coaches talked to Stewart late Thursday night or early Friday morning. "We had a good talk," Schaefer told reporters in Atlanta. "I’ve got a job to do. My job is to make players better. It’s up to the player to make himself better with our guidance."

I don't know what's gonna happen with Matt Kemp and the Dodgers. He is one of the most talented players in the game. By Matt Kemp standards, 2010 has been a down year though. There is obviously a lot of tension between the coaching staff and Kemp.

Ned Colletti says Kemp isn't going anywhere. So how can things get better between the two parties? Kemp needs to make changes. The coaching staff needs to help him become a better baseball player. That's all they are there to do. They can't change Kemp as a person.


  1. Bowa is Torre's henchman. Torre is notorious. If you are on his bad side he makes life miserable for you. Torre plays favorites. He isn't the St. Joe many make him out to be. I'm not killing him because I like him. But that's just truth.

  2. BTB- You are so right. Joe Torre's no saint in my book.

  3. I think Kemp is great. He loves the game and he has fun playing the game. He's the one who talks about how much he loves the fan base and really supports the community of LA.

    With that being said, I do love Joe Torre but I have to agree Joe Torre plays favorites a lot. All you have to do is read his books. Especially in the Yankee Years, he talks about how he really didn't like A-Rod's personality for the Yankees. Torre playing favorites is the one thing I don't like about him.

    I would love for Kemp, Ethier, Loney, and Kershaw be the faces of this franchise. But I'm afraid that if this treatment continues that Kemp might kick rocks.

  4. I also want to add that I really hope new ownership comes in soon because this year has been filled with negativity. As a fan, it hasn't been fun to watch.

    We need new owners to take care of all this. The root of all these problems come from Frank McCourt and his lack of ownership.

  5. kemp can kick rocks he a bigger distraction then the team needs he may be good but with his attitude no ones gonna want him, i like the guys we have out there pods ethier gibbons then reed johnson peace out kemp dnt let the door hit ya in that ass

  6. Jessica - Kemp is the man. He's my favorite player. I hate everything that's going on.My dream would be to have Kemp and that young core together and playing well for many years to come.

    As long as Torre is at the helm, I can't see this team going far. You're right though, the problems start at the top. I hope Frank McCourt sells the team, because the fans deserve better than this.

  7. Ray - Kemp is so damn talented, it sucks that all this keeps happening. He's already shown us how great he is. Once he gets his shit together, Dodger fans are gonna be real happy.

  8. Ray- Are you serious? Kemp has no attitude, the players love him and reasonable coaches would too. He never speaks ill of the team or his fellow players, he's great with fans.

    Your faux psychology is blatantly wrong. EVERY team in the league wants Kemp, I guarantee it. And not one of those outfielders you mentioned are close to as good as Kemp has been, is, or can and will be.

  9. Kemp doesn't have an attitude. If anything he's mad at himself which I think can be misinterpreted as having an attitude.

    I agree I would love to see those younger core players be the new Jeter, Posada, and Rivera. It would be nice.

    The problem with some Dodger fans that as soon as a guy makes a mistake they are unforgiving. They are ready for a guy to be traded. A man in a Dodger uniform has to perfect and at the end of the day he's not.

    Yes, I know Matt Kemp has a bad year but I still love that guy.

  10. Greg - Yup. Every team would take Kemp in a heartbeat, given the opportunity.

    Jessica - I think it has a lot to do with the coaching staff. When Joe and company go, we'll see this team improve.

  11. those type of dodger fans are the same ones that threw shit at Loney cause they didnt get a autograph.. bunch of bandwagon fans....

    Dont know why Matt is being singled out... what about the person that was gonna lead us.. that has his own section out in dodger stadium.. hes been out for half the season with so called injuries.. and now is bad mouthing the team saying he hates joe and most of the team.. wants out of L.A.....

  12. Dodger_Fever - Exactly. When Matty is tearing the cover off the ball, they're all Kemp fans.

    The Manny situation is driving me nuts. I'll be posting something on that later.

  13. Yeah, what the heck is going on with Manny. They should have traded him when the White Sox called. We could have gotten a good reliever like Sergio Santos.