Wednesday, October 13, 2010

Bobblehead News

Anyone like the Forever Collectibles bobbleheads? Right now they're buy one get one free at the Shop. The deal is for all 30 teams. The Dodgers have three available, Matt Kemp, Andre Ethier and Manny Ramirez. Yes, there are still Manny Ramirez Dodger bobbleheads available.

Back in August, I attended my first minor league baseball game. I went to see the Lancaster JetHawks play the Inland Empire 66ers. The JetHawks gave away bobbleheads of former astronaut Hoot Gibson. Well, that bobblehead was voted minor league baseball's best giveaway in 2010, narrowly beating out the Ike Davis bobblelegs given away by the Brooklyn Cyclones.

Looking at the picture of the Hoot Gibson bobble on, I noticed they used MY bobblehead. Cool. C'mon MiLB, can I get a photo credit please!

Ken Ellinger, a Dalton State political science professor, has a collection of 880 bobbleheads in his 90-square-foot office. Ellinger began collecting primarily sports and political figures about six years ago and has never paid more than $20. Hopefully my collection will look like that one day. Click here to watch video of his collection.

And finally, with the Dodgers announcing that they would be giving away SIX bobbleheads in 2011, everyone is guessing which players, coaches or legends would get one of the six honors. I think long-time Dodgers organist Nancy Bea Hefley deserves one. Mike over at the gives us an idea of what it would look like.


  1. A few years back, I chased down a bobble head of a lifetime minor league hockey player. The bobble was already a couple years old. Why was it so important to me? It was the only bobble head I ever saw from a player with my full name on it. John Wroblewski played for the Springfield Falcons and now coaches USA hockey.

  2. Johngy - I'd love to see that. email me a pic.

  3. I'm a fan of all bobbles, but am a bit sure about what I call the big-head bobbles. They're cool but I normally have received them as gifts as opposed to buying them for myself. I prefer SGAs. But thanks for the info on the sale, maybe that will push me to buy one or two.

  4. Ryan - I'm the exact same way. I really only collect the SGAs, but at that price, I may pick up a couple.

  5. Ken aka SoonerBobbleJanuary 27, 2011 at 11:27 AM

    Hey Dodger Bobble, this is Ken Ellinger from Dalton, GA. My brother-in-law just e-mailed me from Greece when he ran across your blog and the reference to my collection. I got started in 2004 when was getting rid of thousands and thousands of bobbles on its website on behalf of major and minor league teams who had a great deal of leftover inventory from stadium giveaway nights. Like many people, I really like the SGA's, and I got a bunch of them that way. There were also non-SGA bobbles in the Clearance section of the mlb online shop at that time, so I got a good mix right off the bat. However, I absolutely should have bought even more. Most of them were priced between $1.99 and $2.99, with none of them more than $5.99 as best I can recall. I love a bargain as much as the next guy, so I went from zero bobbleheads to well over one hundred in less than a week--and the rest is history! Currently, my office display space is full at just under 900 bobbles--but I am contemplating creative ways to make room for more (lots of styrofoam cut into tiers so that you can clearly see at least the head and shoulders of every bobble in my office). Under no circumstances will I buy a bobble and NOT display it in my office. I never get tired of hearing new students or first-time visitors to our building make an audible gasp when they walk by my open door for the first time (since I get at least 200 new Government students every semester, I get to enjoy a lot of new reactions!). I always invite them in to get a closer, 360 degree look from floor to ceiling so that they can see them all. I can make about half of them bobble all at the same time by shaking my two biggest shelve--that's always good for a laugh. BTW, I read in the Atlanta Braves magazine several years ago that former Braves player Julio France had 1100 bobbles, so my informal goal is to beat him--if my office can handle it!
    Fianlly, two years ago we had Tommy Lasorda bobblehead night at the Chattanooga Lookouts game. I am going to check in my basement where I store my duplicates (probably 70 or 80 of them)_and see if I still have a spare Lasorda SGA. At one point I know I had two or three, but I give a way a lot of my duplicates for free to people who express an interest in a particular bobblehead--or friends of mine or my son's who I know are fans of a certain team or player. If I have an extra Lasorda, I will trade it to you for someone that you have a duplicate of that I might want. Finally, in addition to SGA's, I really like team mascot bobbleheads (expecially minor league baseball mascots since so many of them are just crazy). I have some really cool ones, but I know there are a lot more that I don't have. Regards--Ken