Wednesday, December 15, 2010

Dodger sign Matt Guerrier

 The Dodgers have signed pitcher Matt Guerrier to a three-year deal. The former Twins reliever appeared in 74 games last year, going 5-7 with a 3.17 era.

Signing Guerrier will not cost the Dodgers a draft pick, as the Twins declined to offer him arbitration. There are no details on the contract yet other than it's for three years.

Once again, I'm curious as to how much Ned paid. I wouldn't be surprised if he overpaid, especially considering the Red Sox showed a lot of interest in him.

The Dodgers bullpen was a mess in 2010, with Joe Torre using 24 different pitchers in relief. This could give the Dodgers some stability. Guerrier, Kenley Jansen, Hong Chih Kuo and Broxton give the Dodgers a solid four in the late innings.

Ned strikes again. I guess I shouldn't be surprised that he overpaid for relief pitching. The deal is for three years/$12 million. Ugh.


  1. Another joke of a signing by Ned "cant pick'em" why didnt we spend this money on a stick in left field Ned?? and ummmm also why are we going into the season with one left handed reliever on the roster?? and if your not going to go get that big stick in left Ned then why have you not yet brought the O dawg back to play 2nd so you can have the rookie manager move Uribe to 3rd base and put Blake in lf??????

  2. Guerrier is a nice pitcher, but he isn't worthy of a 3-year deal. Just a terrible allocation of resources by Colletti.

  3. Anon - Yeah I thought about that today. I think I would rather have had Crawford in the outfield, rather than have Ned put all these scrap parts together. I dunno. I like the starting rotation, everything else is a little frustrating.

    As far as Guerrier, I'm not really sure I like the three year deal, but he will be a good addition. I've always felt a Dodger bullpen could be built on the cheap.

    Dustin - Ned will never learn.


  4. That's a sad reality. He gets some money to play with and instead of making a splash, he's grabbed a bunch of mediocre (at best) pieces to go along with the starters. It doesn't make sense.

  5. Dustin - It makes no sense at all. A good GM could get a Crawford in here and find a way to fill all the holes.

    I hate Ned.

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