Wednesday, December 15, 2010

Sandy Koufax Signs With Topps

Last week, the word floating around the blogosphere was that Dodger legend Sandy Koufax had signed an exclusive deal with Topps. Just as quickly as the news appeared, it then disappeared.

But now it's official. From Topps Blog:

Last week, we tweeted about the autograph deal we signed with Dodgers’ legend Sandy Koufax to appear in various Topps products in 2011. Obviously this is something we are very excited about and hope that you are too. We can now confirm some details about how Koufax will appear in some early-releasing products. We’ll have more for you in the coming days and weeks, but for now…
2011 Topps Baseball Series 1: Koufax will be added to the 60th Anniversary Autographs

2011 Topps Heritage: Real One Autograph

2011 Topps Tribute: Koufax Auto Relics
As I mentioned, we’ll have more Koufax info for you as we move forward. Stay tuned to Topps for the latest!
Here's the Topps Heritage Koufax:

I want one!


  1. Who doesn't? But I think Dodger fans should get first dibs. It's only fair :)

  2. Man, an autographed card of Sandy would be awesome. Wonder how much those will go for on eBay?

  3. Shyeah. Wish it wasn't Topps though.

  4. Night Owl - I would kill for one. I've been picking up Koufax cards here and there since I was 10, but never really thought about his auto until recently. Oh how I wished he was involved with the team more.

    Dustin - It's probably gonna depend on how many he signs. I've seen Koufax auto cards on ebay from $300-$1,200.

    Are No - I agree. I think another company could make something much more spectacular. I'm curious as to what the other Topps versions will look like.

  5. Topps needs to make some bobbleheads ASAP

  6. My friend bought me a Koufax ball on ebay, but when I google the company that issued the COA, nothing comes up. Some day when I have money to burn I'll get a PSA/DNA certified Koufax ball.

  7. Fred - Donruss put out some bobblehead cards in the early 2000's. I would love to see something like that again.

    Joemorgan - You have a really good friend there. If I had money to burn, I wouls get one of those too.