Saturday, December 11, 2010

Player Appearance: Jim Gott

Today I got the chance to meet two former Dodgers, pitcher Jim Gott and catcher Steve Yeager. They appeared at two different events. I'll talk about Gott today and Yeager tomorrow. 

My mother, who works for Kaiser Permanente, told me about a former Dodger making an appearance at a company event. It was pitcher Jim Gott. Gott pitched for the Dodgers from 1990-1994. The event he  appeared at was Kaiser Permanente’s Rose Parade Family Day in Irwindale. Everyone in attendance was treated to a sneak preview of Kaiser's 2011 Rose Parade float, “Purrfectly Healthy". You could watch volunteers working on the floats and there were games and activities for the children.

When I got there, I was the first person in line. Mr. Gott was ready to start taking pictures and to start signing. I handed him my baseball, but he only had a sharpie. So I went to go look for a pen. That's when a few other people jumped in front of me. I didn't mind, I was there to have a good time.

After those people got their autographs, my two sons and I stepped up to meet him. There was a professional photographer there taking pictures. It was very nice. She took a picture of us, then I handed her my camera, and she took a couple more pics for me.

Gott then signed my baseball and a Dodger hat for me. He shook hands with me and my sons and chit chatted for a minute. He told me his father was on the Board of the Tournament of Roses and that he lived in Pasadena. I told him I was going to meet Steve Yeager next and he told me to say "hi" for him.

My kids and I had a great time today. Thanks to Jim Gott and Kaiser Permanente for everything.


  1. Cool stuff, glad you guys had a good time.

  2. Greg - Thanks. We gotta hit up the next event.

  3. Definitely, I imagine the next ones will be the Caravan Events.

  4. Very cool. Gott seems like he was a real nice guy.

  5. You guys who live in L.A. are pretty lucky getting to meet all these players. Good stuff!!

  6. Roberto,yankeesjetsfan,Evan - Thanks. It was a great time.

  7. nice. gott is a good ttm signer, too. i wish yeager would sign ttm. or that frank & sons would accept mailed in items.

  8. GCRL - Everyone keeps telling me how good of a signer Gott is. I wish more players were as nice as he is.

    Have you tried getting Yeager TTM? Yeager is always at Frank & Sons, if you want I could get one for you and mail it to you. It was only $15. I'll be doing a post on Yeager later.

  9. i have tried yeager ttm (c/o the dodgers) and i think through an old address. no dice. can i send you a couple cards for next time he does an appearance? i'll make it worth your while.

  10. gcrl - I can do that for you. No problem.

    BTW, did you try this address?

    Steve Yeager
    P.O. Box 34184
    Granada Hills, CA 91394