Sunday, December 12, 2010

Player Appearance: Steve Yeager

Yesterday I got the opportunity to meet two former Dodgers, Jim Gott and Steve Yeager. I posted the Gott appearance yesterday, so today I'm gonna talk about the Yeager appearance.

After I met Jim Gott, I looked at my watch and realized I still had time to get to Steve Yeager. His appearance was from 11-12:30. Frank & Sons Collectible Show hosted the event.  When I got there, I was all alone. No lines, no BS. Yeager was sitting with two ladies and the two promoters. I walked straight up to the table and paid my $15. They were very nice people. They asked me what I was getting signed, I told them a baseball card, my 1976 Topps.

I walked over to Mr. Yeager and handed him my card. He signed it, and I put it into a sleeve right away. That's when I realized that this was too easy. I really shouldn't have thought that way, but I drove pretty far to get the autograph. Since there were no other people waiting, I decided to chit chat with Mr. Yeager. He was pretty funny. He joked around with the two women he was with. He was very friendly with my sons as well. I also asked the two promoters for directions back to the Valley. They didn't know how to get back, but Mr. Yeager said he did. He said he lived in the Valley and then he gave me four different options to get home. He was a very nice man.

I think I  had a pretty good day. I met Jim Gott and Steve Yeager and when I got home there was an Adrian Beltre autograph waiting in my mailbox. Three former Dodgers' autographs in one day ain't bad at all.

Thanks to Roberto at Vin Scully Is My Homeboy for the info and Frank & Sons for hosting the event. And thanks to Steve Yeager for the autograph and the nice experience.


  1. Nice job! It's always great to meet players at these functions. I know I love going to meet my favorites when they do a signing in NY.

  2. Sounds like an awesome day! Player appearances are almost nonexistent in the offseason in Maryland. Well besides FanFest.

  3. I got to the event at the start. Was a long line but went really quick. Steve was awesome. Very cool personality. But when i came back half hour later the line was done. I should have gotten another auto from him. All i got was an 8x10 and my Dodgers mini auto book.

  4. Yankeesjetsfan - Not sure if you know, but there is a huge Yankee event in Secaucus, NJ in January. My sister, who livews in Secaucus, told me about it.

  5. Ryan - It was an awsome day. Pretty easy as far as getting auto goes. When is Orioles FanFest?

    Authentic Signings - So, there were more people there. Glad you got the autograph. And yeah, he was a very cool personality.

  6. he's an awesome man, that's why he was my childhood idol! to this day, I think he is the most wonderful person. I met him (again) two years ago, and he hasn't changed since I first met him when I was thirteen years old (40 years ago)!