Thursday, January 20, 2011

2006 Upper Deck Artifacts Auto-Facts Maury Wills

Another Dodgers auto card. This is 2006 Upper Deck Artifacts Auto-Facts Maury Wills #d 145/150. He's another one of my favorite all-time Dodgers. You can read Wills' bio here.

Back in September, Maury Wills made an appearance at the LA County Fair's Dodger Day. I had an opportunity to meet Wills, but passed so I could meet Steve Garvey. Hopefully I'll get another chance to meet the Dodger legend. In the meantime, I've got his autograph on a card.


  1. Damn, that fair was awesome. Can't wait until this year's fair.

    And sweet card, of course haha.

  2. Greg - That fair was awesome. I love your Maury Wills mini helmet.

  3. The mini helmet was a good choice, glad I eschewed a baseball that day.

    Still need to fill up the rest of the mini helmet haha.

  4. HA, I like how you make it out like it's no big deal, "[Just] another Dodgers auto card". Looks pretty cool. I like the little info section on the back.

  5. Charles- lol. Thanks, I like this one a lot.