Saturday, April 30, 2011

Complete List Of All Dodger Stadium Bobblehead Giveaways

I've finally put a list together of all the Dodger Stadium bobblehead giveaways. This is something I should've done a long time ago. One of the most common questions I get asked is if I have a list of all the Dodger bobbleheads. There are a few reasons why I waited so long to put the list together, but the main reason is that I wanted to get as many posts written so there would be something to link to.

The list is in the blog's sidebar. I've put all 33 SGA's in chronological order, beginning with Tommy Lasorda on April 4, 2001 and ending with Matt Kemp on August 17, 2010.  I will continue to add to the list as the Dodgers give more away.

For now, I've only listed the name of the bobblehead and the date in which it was given away. I'll probably add more detail in the future, possibly with head shots or pictures of the entire doll. If you click on any of the listed names, it will take you to a "Bobblehead of the Day" post or a post from that bobblehead's game. Only three bobbleheads are missing links. Those three I have yet to do a posting on, but I will soon.

Here's the entire list:
April 4, 2001 - Tommy Lasorda
June 9, 2001 - Kirk Gibson
July 29, 2001 - Fernando Valenzuela
May 31, 2002 - Paul LoDuca
July 18, 2002 - Shawn Green
August 24, 2002 - Hideo Nomo
May 2, 2003 - Eric Gagne
July 1, 2003 - Brian Jordan
September 12, 2003 - Fred McGriff
April 30, 2004 - Eric Gagne(Cy Young)
July 23, 2004 - Don Newcombe
August 20, 2004 - Don Drysdale
June 1, 2005 - Cesar Izturis
September 29, 2005 - Jeff Kent
June 2, 2006 - Ron Cey
June 23, 2006 - Fernando Valenzuela
July 28, 2006 - Steve Garvey
April 26, 2007 - Nomar Garciaparra
July 6, 2007 Rafael Furcal
August 2, 2007 - Russell Martin
September 14, 2007 - Tommy Lasorda(HOF)
April 25, 2008 - Joe Torre
June 5, 2008 - Takashi Saito
July 25, 2008 - Brad Penny
August 12, 2008 - Joe Beimel
May 20, 2009 - Casey Blake
July 22, 2009 - Manny Ramirez
August 19, 2009 - Matt Kemp
September 16, 2009 - Manny Ramirez(Curtain Call)
May 18, 2010 - Andre Ethier
June 8, 2010 - Jonathan Broxton
July 20, 2010 - James Loney
August 17, 2010 - Matt Kemp(The Catch)
 If you want more details on any of the Dodger Stadium bobbleheads, click on the link in the sidebar.


  1. Joe Biemel got a bobblehead? Seriously?

  2. Cubsfan - I know, huh? That was the "fans choice" that year. Beimel's parents led the campaign to get this bobblehead made. They helped get 20,000 votes for their son. From what I've been told, he only had about 5,000 votes before his parents got involved.

  3. Thanks for putting together the list! I think I have 9 of them

  4. Truetothebloue - No problem. I hope this helps everyone. Nine is good. I keep hearing from people who only have 2 or 3 or 4.

  5. I notice that they don't do the "Fans Choice" anymore. I wonder if the Beimel thing had anything to do with that. Other than the cartoony looking first year ones I am only missin about 3 of them. That may go up this year.I only plan on going to 2 or 3 of the bobblehead nights. Thanks for posting that. Interesting.

  6. Thank you so much (again) for putting this together! It looks like I have 20 of them. Now it's time to hunt for the missing ones! :)

    - Joe

  7. Bruce - Those three cartoonish ones are my least favorite,although Gibson is one of them, and that is like the holy grail in Dodger bobbleheads(in my opinion).

    Joe - No problem. Good luck with the rest!

  8. nice! the definitive list (fot now). Great to have all the links in one place. I've seen the Gibson nodder, why is it the holy grail? Because it's Gibby or are there not very many made? Anyway, good blog to inspire me to be ready for this seasons b-heads!

  9. Dutch - In my opinion, because of the legend surrounding Gibson. It's a tough one to find now too.

  10. check! so all of the above! :) should make that Hershiser one, but I'm looking forward to Ethier (man, that thing will be popular because of the streak), Mattingly and Kershaw. Gonna be a good SGA year.

  11. Dutch - I still don't know why they haven't made Hershiser yet.

  12. is that matt kemp's signature? also is broxton's bum head broken? also whats the deal with kuo's? someone really dumb prepared it and someone even more dumb approved it! can you comment..

  13. Nice site!! i got 23... i want a Vin Scully... Chad Billingsly should get one, and my girlfriend said Nancy B. Heffley should get one too...haha

  14. oh, yeah, and i wish they would make a Don Sutton... They must not get along anymore... they never honor him... that sucks!

  15. Yeah, that Kuo, is stupid... Is he looking at 2nd base or what? haha

  16. i have 24 love those things

  17. Great list what's up with this years list. I'm a proud to say I'm only short 2, plus I ve also attended all the games with the exception of the 2 I'm missing.I've also purchased Donald Duck, Betty Bill, and Goofy, back in 2002, they make a nice addition to collection .

  18. How much would the entire sga set be worth...including a mcgriff gold bat, a pitch and stitch bobblehead and the cey one autographed.

  19. The 2012 additions are excellent. Vin Scully & Sandy Koufax. The Dodgers are treating those tickets just like opening day. Can only get in a mini package. I have all 33 so far. Autographed ones I have are, Lasorda, Newcombe, Gagne, Laduca and Garvey. I would value each at around $20ish. The Manny's use to be higher but not so sure now. The Lasorda (the very 1st one given away by the Dodgers was selling for $150 until they gave away more on his Birthday that same year. Only 27,000 came the first night. Then people saw how these resembled the players. I've seen some other teams bobbleheads & I think the Dodger versions are the best. My Opinion.

  20. i always thought they gave an Ishii bobblehead? if not, my collection is complete

  21. Thanks for posting this list. I am only missing 3 from the entire collection including this years.

  22. Awesome list! I have 4/4/2001 through 5/20/2009, except the Lasorda HOF. I guess that's 26 different figures but because of multiples I count 49. I was digging through my collection of bobbles, blankets and metal lunch boxes. I couldn't remember how long I'd been collecting, so thanks for your post!!

  23. I just set up my collection and have all of them. One thing I notice was that there is three different boxes for the Shawn Green bobblehead. Anyone know why?

  24. I have the whole sga collection including fred mcgriff gold bat, izturis gold glove, kemp gold glove, ethier silver slugger, stitch n pitch, ron cey bobblehead autographed, stadium replica, ceramic ticket, kershaw cy young, lasorda HOF plaque, coliseum limited poster, robinson figurine, koufax figurine, and a few other items...what kind of price would you put on it...although to me its priceless!!!

  25. I have most from 2007-present but only a couple from before that. This list helped me figure out what I need to complete my set. I'm finding some decent deals on eBay right now ($20 for Newcombe w/ free shipping).

  26. This is a list of the Dodger Bobblehead Giveaways. However, what is the History of Dodger Bobbleheads that were ever made. Including ones sold before they were givenaway. I saw a Sandy Kofax Bobblehead that was being represented as being from the 1960's which I doubt. Where there Bobbleheads that were made and sold long before 2001?

  27. Hello ! Thank you for this list, its helpful to organize my collection!
    Quick question... do you remember how many action figures were given away in 2008 (I think). I have Matt Kemp and Andre Ethier, but not sure how many there were. THANK YOU & GO DODGERS

  28. HELLO ALL!! I am selling my whole collection, from 2001 to 2013 over 70 bobble heads all mint condition. will throw in 2019 season bobble heads. 2000.00 dollars firm price. email for more info. located in Los Angeles. thanks !!