Tuesday, April 26, 2011

LA Times' Bill Shaikin Ranks Local Bobbleheads

Alright, we're about one month into the baseball season, and now it's time start thinking about the upcoming bobbleheads. The first Dodger bobblehead giveaway, Clayton Kershaw, is now three weeks away. I'm starting to get excited. There's nothing better than going to Dodger Stadium and picking up another bobblehead for the collection.

With that in mind, Bill Shaikin of LATimes.com ranked some of the upcoming bobbleheads being given away by local baseball teams. Clayton Kershaw's Dodger Stadium giveaway is ranked fourth on the list of 18 bobbleheads. Fernando Valenzuela's Dodger Stadium giveaway is ranked numero uno. Here's Shaikin's list:

For your collecting and/or reading pleasure, Bill Shaikin ranks an entirely subjective list of local bobblehead giveaways, ranked from most coveted to least coveted:

1. FERNANDOMANIA (Dodgers, July 26) He's Fernando. This is L.A. Plus, he actually did bob his head during his delivery.

2. DUKE SNIDER (Dodgers, Aug. 9) Contemporary tribute to Dodgers' Hall of Famer, who died in February.

3. FELIX HERNANDEZ (Inland Empire 66ers, Aug. 20) Cy Young winner pitched for the 66ers in 2004.

4. CLAYTON KERSHAW (Dodgers, May 17) Bobblehead first; the Cy Young will follow soon enough.

5. CLAYTON KERSHAW (Rancho Cucamonga Quakes, May 20) Same bobblehead, but $12 for best seat in house.

6. KENDRYS MORALES (Angels, May 24) Half the bobbleheads have Morales hitting right-handed, half left-handed.

7. KENDRYS MORALES (Inland Empire 66ers, May 28) Same bobbleheads, but $10 for best seat in house.

8. ANDRE ETHIER (Dodgers, July 7) Attendance on his bobblehead night last year: 55,662 — vs. Astros, on Tuesday.

9. ANGELS GNOME (Angels, Aug. 18) Angels currently running contest to "Gname the Gnome."

10. ANGELS GNOME (Inland Empire 66ers, Sept. 4) Angels say they brought back gnome "by popular demand."

11. AEROSPACE APPRECIATION (Lancaster Jethawks, Aug. 13) Tip o' the astronaut helmet to this cool idea.

12. DON MATTINGLY (Dodgers, June 1) Would rank higher if he were hitting, not standing atop the dugout steps.

13. DAN HAREN (Angels, June 28) At this rate, he could be a 15-game winner by then.

14. DAN HAREN (Inland Empire 66ers, July 9) Buy a $5 lawn seat, sell the bobblehead for more on EBay.
15. HONG-CHIH KUO (Dodgers, June 14) Dodgers hope he'll be off the disabled list by then.

16. WOOLY BULLY (High Desert Mavericks, July 16) That's the team mascot, a bull swinging a bat. No bull.

17. ADRIAN BELTRE (Inland Empire 66ers, June 11) Beltre played for the San Bernardino Stampede at age 17.

18. BUD BLACK (Padres, May 7) Padres' manager has as many home runs as his second baseman, shortstop and right fielder combined — zero.
Great list. I think Fernando will always be popular here in SoCal, but this is his THIRD Dodger bobblehead. I covet the Duke Snider and Kershaw a little bit more. So, Did Shaikin get this list right? Thoughts?


  1. I do agree that Fernando, The Duke, and Kershaw are the Dodgers top 3. I also like the Beltre one at the minor league game. Maybe I'll make the trek there to pick it up.

  2. Spiegel - I really want that Beltre, I just don't Want to make that drive.

  3. I really want the Kershaw bobble! But sadly, I won't be able to make that game.

  4. Karin - I will be running a contest after the bobblehead night. I'll give you an opportunity to win one.

    Also, I will be posting a link for preorders on the bobblehead through bobblesgalore.com

  5. Man, I want the Duke bobble. Hope I can make it to that game.

  6. Arno - how often do you come down to LA?

  7. Whenever I can... I'd say twice a year.