Thursday, May 26, 2011

Kendry Morales Bobblehead Night

My wife and I took a trip down to Anaheim on Tuesday. Presented By Natural Balance, the Angels gave away Kendry Morales bobbleheads to all fans in attendance. There were two different versions of the Morales bobbles being handed out, one as a left-handed batter, the other right-handed. Every fan was given one bobblehead, and you couldn't choose which one you got. There were no exchanges either.

When my wife and I got to our seats, we noticed we both got right-handed Kendrys. Luckily, the people sitting next to us got two left-handed Kendrys, and were happy to make a trade with us.

We got there a little early, so I made an attempt at some autographs. The A's were in town, and they were taking batting practice when we arrived. Sitting near right field, we had a few players shagging flyballs in front of us. Kevin Kouzmanoff was one of those players. He was also chatting and signing autographs.

Once the game started, we noticed we were sitting in a small pocket of A's fans, so we had no problem cheering for Oakland. I always feel uncomfortable in that sea of red, but not Tuesday. There were so many A's fans there.

It was a good game. David DeJesus hit two homeruns for Oakland as the A's went on to beat Anaheim 6-1.

Here are the two bobbleheads:

Of course, Kendry Morales wasn't playing on his bobblehead night. He's still dealing with the ankle injury he suffered in a walk-off homerun celebration last year. Remember this?


  1. DB - I think the Angels had a great idea by having the two different bobble heads. Pretty cool! My brother and his wife went to this game and got both bobbleheads.


  2. True - great idea. Too bad the Dodgers don't have a good switch hitter!

  3. Nice. Thanks for sharing. They look like nice bobbleheads. I have the Scioscia and Torii from a few years back. I remember that the logos on the front of the Torii Boobble (Jersey and Hat) were stickers and were not engraved onto the bobbles like the Dodgers ones are. However the back of Torii's jersey was like the Dodgers ones where his number and name were engraved. Just curious are the Morales ones like that. I am such a geek for noticing that.

  4. Bruce .- I have both of those too. your right, the scioscia is a sticker. Kendry is like Torrii, engraved.

  5. Yeah, that's pretty awesome that they made two bobbles of him.

  6. that play was crazy! I remember the angels having another walk off the next day, and reading online that they were very careful in celebration.

  7. Ryan - I thought so too.

    Format - I think a lot of teams eased up on their celebrations after this incident.

  8. That's lame that you couldn't choose which bobblehead. I turned on the Angel game briefly when they were advertising it and they were saying you could choose! Still, that's pretty neat that they have two different bobbleheads.