Tuesday, October 26, 2010

Dodgers News And Notes

The Lakers won tonight.Can they go 82-0? I dunno about that, but I do see another championship parade down Figueroa in June. Go Purple and Gold!

Back to the boys in blue. Here are a couple of Dodger links:

Tim Wallach is out of the running for the Milwaukee Brewers managerial job. Wallach was notified by the Brewers on Monday. It looks like he'll be Don Mattingly's third base coach.

Blue Heaven shows us some 1955 Dodger World Series pictures that had never been seen before. From Life Magazine, you can see all 27 pictures here.

What do most players do when the season ends? Most guys take a vacation. For two Dodger pitchers,Kenley Jansen and Carlos Monasterios, the training continues. Jansen and Monasterios continue to pitch at Camelback Ranch in Gledale, Arizona in the organization's instructional league.

Mike at the LFP.com is making a set of retired numbers for someone's man cave. It's a cool looking man cave full of Dodger goodies, including a nice line-up of bobbleheads.

And in Manny Ramirez news, the former Dodger says he'd like to play for new Blue Jays manager John Farrell. Manny and Farrell were teammates with the Indians in the 1990s. Farrell was hired as the Red Sox's pitching coach in 2007, Ramirez's last season in Boston. Could Mannywood be headed to the Great White North?


  1. Man, those pix rule! Thanx for the link! I love the Robinson sliding to third. And what about Podres reading the newspaper and that gorgeous Wurlitzer 750 in the background (at that time already an old model). Great stuff!!

  2. Dutch - I was very impressed with those pics. I'd love to get some of those framed, and up on my wall.

  3. What is the banner on the far right side? I want to get one of thoses.

  4. Anon - One is definitely a World Series banner. I can't tell what the other one is. Let me see if I can find out.

  5. thanks Bobble, any luck finding out what it is?

  6. Anon - I sent him a DM on Twitter. Hopefully he'll get back to me with an answer. I'll leave an answer here. Or just send me an email, and I'll send you the answer.

  7. Life had such awesome photography. Not only the quality, but how those shots captured the soul of the moment.